Spring 2023

Hey there, In September we went down to only 3 of us here in Tucson… but our home was NOT empty-ish for very long! Paul has now started referring to “our AirBnB” when talking about the calendar and who is coming next. We bought this house in 2004 specifically because it was perfect for hostingContinue reading Spring 2023

September 2022

Hi friends, Michael and his wife Lindy are co-workers who live in Chihuahua, Mexico.  Michael is our Chief Pilot and does an amazing job making sure every one of our pilots has their ratings up to date and are safe for flying. That’s pretty important!  Enjoy Michael’s sharing below: Love, Laurel

Spring 2021

52Q is back! 7 years ago 52Q had a hard landing accident at an airstrip in Mexico. No one was hurt, but it impacted our ministry because we were now one plane short for needed flights. God’s hand of protection is clear to see in the pictures but even more so if you could haveContinue reading Spring 2021

March 2020

While our family is growing bigger, the home front is getting smaller! Bethany & Filipe will soon be moving from the DC area back to Lynchburg, VA, Matthew & Karizma are in San Diego, California, and Gabriel is in West Africa until the end of April! That leaves just 4 of us home. It’s aContinue reading March 2020

June 2019

Have you ever prayed for something for a very long time just waiting for an answer? Well, after five years we are seeing prayers answered for our Chihuahua airstrip base! This is where we have a hanger already, but due to a lapsed registration we have not been able to use it. Because we areContinue reading June 2019

May 2018

Laurel here… I wrote this while waiting at the orthodontist office for Gabriel to get his braces off , then I forgot to send it! Now I’m adding an update as I sit in the hospital with Miriam waiting for the doctor to come. She has been having right lower abdomen pain for some time.Continue reading May 2018

January 2018

Hi there,

Remember when you heard that I would be part of starting a school here in Tucson? That was in 2009-2010 and many of you have been following and praying for Faith Christian Academy ever since. Well, we have gone from starting with 5 students to having 46 in our 7th year! That is huge growth and definitely a sign of God growing this ministry.

August 2017

Everyone but Matthew traveled to Eager, AZ at the end of May for the UIMA staff conference. Bethany and Gabriel helped with teaching the younger MK’s, while Miriam and Jesse participated with their age group. Paul and I were able to refresh with our team in group meetings.

The following week saw Paul in California for the annual International Association of Missionary Aviation conference. This is a time when aviators can swap experiences and learn from each other as they are all in the business of using aviation to spread the gospel.

March 2017

Matthew and I, Laurel, returned from Africa on January 20. We had two days of adjustment to the crazy-life-speed here, during which time I learned that our English teacher was in the hospital. I stepped right into teaching English four hours a day (8th – 11th grades) along with my other administrative duties at FCA. I USED to think I was busy….now I know that was an illusion!

September 2016


Paul and Tony are repainting the hangar floor. They had this special floor paint that was purchased a while ago and was going to go bad, so the job had to be done. It’s not a simple job… everything gets shifted from one side of the hangar to the other as they can only paint one side at a time. Then it dries for 5 days and everything gets shifted again so the other side can get painted. Paul sure is glad that job is done! Now they have FOUR annual inspections that need to be completed by December! This is the inspection where the plane is disassembled, every part checked, and then put back together again! Each inspection takes concentrated effort for days at a time, so please pray for keen eyes and focus.

Summer 2016

Furlough 2016

We left Tucson in late May to begin our summer travels. We have meetings booked in most of our churches for Sundays and Wednesdays, but we would love to reconnect with as many of you as possible during the week if you wish.

Please pray for safety as we travel… there’s some crazy drivers out there!

December 2015


Paul is performing a ground up restoration on one of our planes. Check out the scary looking picture! Guys, this means everything from the engine to the tail comes off, is taken apart, assessed, and then rebuilt or replaced with a new part! I gotta say, I am very impressed with my hubby’s talent!

July 2015

Mission Aviation Day (MAD)

March 5, 2016 will be the return of MAD after a 5 year absence! This is an all day event for UIM Aviaiton. The purpose is to educate the public about Missionary Aviation. We expect around 900 people to attend! Kids activities, special speakers, exhibitors from mission agencies and schools, great food, and airplane rides (Paul will be flying all day) make it a full day. If you are interested in coming to visit and want to volunteer for the day, let me know! We are always looking for help. We appreciate your prayers as we work the next few months to make this event a success.

February 2015

UIMA Happenings

Our men recently met for an intense week of aviation business meetings to discuss issues like maintenance, flights, and safety in Mexico. We are thankful for a team of men eager to serve the Lord together. Two of our guys were in a car accident on Feb 3rd. We are thankful that injuries were minor and no lives lost.