Integration is taking place within New Tribes Mission. This in effect means that we are consolidating the two phases of Missionary Training and Language School into one phase. There are many reasons for doing this. Two of the main reasons is staffing personnel and consolidating the course to make it a little bit shorter and more efficient.

This has been a process that has been going on for a few years now.

In order for the consolidation to take place, new student and staff housing needs to be built, and that is where the Robinsons come in. Tom and Tanya are part of the “Projects Team” as they are affectionately referred to. It is the men’s job to get the houses built for the consolidation. Tom has the title of “Equipment Operator.” His main job is to run the equipment (dozers, backhoes, excavators) to build roads, trenches for laying pipes in, foundations for the houses, and various other tasks. He also helps finish the houses by helping put up siding, hang doors, do electrical jobs–and the list goes on. Tanya’s responsibilities involve helping in the snack shop for the students one morning a week, working in childcare one morning a week, volunteering at school one morning a week, and hosting different people into their home for meals at different times as well.