From the time I was a child, my desire has been to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the many people all over the world who had never heard the message of salvation. In January 2000, that dream became a reality as I began my ministry with New Tribes Mission in the country of Papua New Guinea.

My first year was spent working at a school for missionary children. It was a lot of fun and hard work, but a real blessing to be able to serve my co-workers in this practical way! Several months later, the Lord brought Keri Pacheco along to PNG. We both had the same goal of working with tribal people. Eventually the Lord directed us to join two families who were already working in a remote area of New Britain province.



In August of 2001, Keri and I moved into our new home and began to learn the language and study the lifestyle of a group of people called the Mengen. Over 6,000 Mengen people live scattered in the rugged jungles and mountains of New Britain province. None of these folks had ever heard a clear presentation of the gospel message and were living in constant fear and spiritual darkness. Although the Catholic Church is widespread in our area, the Mengen had mixed the little bit of Biblical truth which they had heard, in with their traditional ancestral beliefs, causing them to be lost, confused and searching for the truth.

In August 2005, we had the privilege of teaching the Mengen people the message of the Bible. It was the very first time they had ever heard about God and His love for them. We started with the basics regarding God, Satan, Creation, sin, holiness, etc, continuing to clearly lay down a foundation for them. 3 months later we presented the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and a number of Mengen people placed their trust in the Redeemer. What a thrill to see the new church take root and begin to grow right there in the middle of the jungle!

cur_min2As for Keri and I, we have begun the long process of translating God’s Word. Our first major project was to translate 1600+ verses which were used for the phase 1 Bible teaching. Once that was behind us, Keri has gone on to translate the book of Mark and has started in on the book of Luke. I have also made good progress, completing Exodus 1-20 and continuing on into the book of Acts.  Currently we have completed 50% of the New Testament.  Keri has translated the books of Mark, Luke, and Ephesians.  I have completed Acts, Romans and 1 Corinthians (nearly done).  We have a few other books in progress.  Lord willing we’ll be totally finished within the next 5 years.

We sure appreciate your prayers for us. To God be the glory, great things He has done!!