March 2023 interview featuring Grace Schmidt

Samaritan’s purse gifting two AIRPLANES to Pacific Mission Aviation!!

Being a bush missionary

Indian Bible College


Building a hangar in Micronesia

Amos Collins writes:

This is the NEW Hangar facility for Pacific Mission Aviation in the Republic of Palau. The building is built to withstand 175 MPH winds. It will provide a nice shelter for our planes as we serve the nation of Palau with transportation, medical evacuations, sea searches, disaster relief, and also scenic aerial tours to help reduce the costs for the locals. PMA has an MOU with Palau to provide a platform for aerial surveillance of their EEZ to monitor illegal fishing. The final phase will start in January. We still need to raise $100,000 to complete the project. If you are interested to donate, please contact PMA at

Life as a bush pilot in PNG