It has been 10 years since I took this journey! Ten years and the cancer hasn’t returned!

This a big milestone with cancer recovery.

Since I have been given these last ten years, I got to see my older daughter marry and have a beautiful daughter of her of her own. And my younger daughter graduated college and is in New York successfully pursuing a theatre and music career. Charlie and I, who grew much closer through this ordeal, are trying to listen to God’s leading in all we do and at the moment are mentoring a group of young families at our church.

What I hope to remember out of the whole experience:

  1. That God is there always and I should constantly be seeking time with him
  2. Never take my health for granted, be thankful every day.
  3. Even though my body is stronger now I hope I remember how to draw my strength from God and not try to do it myself.
  4. How valuable and applicable God’s Word is to my every moment in life.
  5. What a wonderful gift He gave as he used Charlie and all my friends to minister to me. Now I need to look for those opportunities to help others.

Thanks for taking time to read my journey. I pray that these word will help you deal with your cancer and that you would grow in your love and relationship with God.