Interesting Fact

Bible teaching

About 6 months ago, we commissioned our first 2 missionary families.  They have moved away from our village, to another Mengen village about 10 hours hike away.  Currently they are teaching the “Creation to Christ” evangelistic Bible lessons, and are about halfway through.  The people in this village and other villages in the surrounding area are very hungry to hear the Bible teaching and are beginning to respond to the truths taught.  The 2 missionary men, Bruce and Kamilus, are teaching in 2 locations at the moment, with another location very strongly urging them to start in their village!  Pray for these men and their wives, as they are on the “front lines”.  Pray too for their combined total of 10 kids, with one new baby on the way!  It’s a rough time for these families to be away from loved ones and their own home village.

Two missionary wives