Mission Statement

Our goal is to aid Christian missionaries with their communications to existing and potential supporters, allowing them to concentrate more fully on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

MMOL creates and maintains free missionary web pages and informs online supporters of missionary updates. Missionaries are involved in many tasks related to their ministries and although staying in contact with their supporters is very important to maintain prayer and financial support, this additional responsiblity adds to their already demanding and heavy workload. In addition, many missionaries do not have adequate computer connections due to their sometimes remote locations. MMOL can help ease this burden by keeping missionaries in contact with their supporters so their time is able to be spent on spreading the Gospel. A web presence can also bring missionaries new supporters and generate additional interest in their ministries. Finally, MMOL encourages churches and other Christian groups to get directly involved in missionary outreach through exploring our web site and the ministries of the missionaries we serve.

Free services we provide:

  • web page design, hosting and maintenance
  • monthly updates of missionary web pages
  • e-mail notification of updated information sent to requesting supporters
  • lightly editing prayer letters
  • printed brochures created from web pages for missionaries to use while on furlough