In July of 1985, Dave and Diann moved into Gigina village which is in the interior of West New Britain. They joined the Zooks in the task of bringing the word of God to the Mouk people. On the 3rd of December, 1986, it was a privilege to see the conversion of almost the entire village of Gigina upon the presentation of the gospel. After learning the Mouk language, Dave was involved in translating Bible lessons and teaching these lessons in the vernacular to the local church.

Dave and Diann oversaw the medical clinic, which met the health needs of several villages. The provision of penicillin and anti-malarials meant a dramatic improvement for the general populace in overcoming pneumonia and malaria.

Today there are a number of churches in the Mouk language group. Thank you for your prayers for these believers.


In January of 1992, the Yunkers moved to the Lufa District in the Eastern, Highlands. They served as Administrators and Teachers at the missionary training center. The center focused on teaching Papua New Guinea Christians cross-cultural missionary techniques. The language used at the missionary training center was Melanesian Pidgin.


In March of 1997, Dave and Diann were asked to join the administrative team for the Highlands Region. They served in this ministry until they went on furlough in July of 1998.


From 1999 until 2004, and then again from 2007 to 2011, Dave and Diann served as the New Tribes Mission Government Representatives in the capital city Port Moresby.

Dave at Immigration
Diann in the office

Diann was involved daily in the Port Moresby office preparing the paperwork for Dave to submit at the various offices in town. Diann also responded to the many emails coming from international as well as local locations. Their office monitored passport and visa renewals for approximately 900 individuals within NTM. The visas were for new missionaries coming from overseas or for those already in the country who needed an extension on their visa. They also applied for visas for all the short-term workers and for teams who helped missionaries in center or tribal locations.

In addition, the Yunkers worked for two other mission groups. The office work kept them very busy as they kept those missionaries on the field current with PNG immigration regulations while simultaneously facilitating the arrival of new missionaries.


From 2005 to 2007 Dave and Diann served as representatives of New Tribes Mission in Singapore.