Have you ever wondered what is it like for missionaries out on the mission field? How do they even get there in the first place? What kind of training do they have? Where are they serving? What do they do every day? How were they called to the mission field?

When you visit our missionary websites, you will find missionaries serving all over the world in a wide variety of ministries. We have several tribal missionaries who live among tribal peoples learning their culture and customs, providing basic medical care, learning the tribal language, teaching literacy classes, translating the Bible and teaching God’s Word to people in their native tongue.

Some are at the beginning of this process while some have presented the Gospel and are  seeing new believers begin their walk with Christ. We also provide sites for several missionaries who serve in support roles. Without the vital services of doctors, pilots, supply buyers, guest house staff, teachers and a host of others, tribal missionaries could not remain in the tribes.

A missionary has much to do in seeing God’s Word stretch to the ends of the earth. We at MMOL provide them with an opportunity to share their ministry with as many people as possible, bringing them the valuable support they need to live out the calling to “go and make disciples of every nation.”