End of 2018

That we may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works (Psalm 26:7). We are thankful unto him, and bless (bow the knee to) his name (Psalm 100:4). We praise Him for the great things that He has done through you – our faithful supporters. Your prayers and giving availsContinue reading End of 2018

End of 2018

Dear Friends and Family, Thank you for reading yet another Collins family newsletter. This season, the refrain going through our heads is “KEEP GOING.” The longer we stay here in Micronesia, the more we can appreciate the Bible’s exhortation to persevere. As Romans 12:12 says, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”Continue reading End of 2018

January 4, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! AS WE LOOK TO THIS NEW YEAR MAY OUR FATHER BE YOUR CONSTANT ENCOURAGEMENT!!!!!!!!!!! Dear Team Members, WOW, there is SOOOOOO much to look back on this past year, and SOOOO MUCH to look forward to in 2019!!!

January 2019

Dear friends, As we pause to look back over 2018, we remember a year of difficult trial and joyful celebration. We see God’s faithfulness in my dad’s illness and passing, and God’s faithfulness in Ben and DakotaKate’s marriage just two days ago. God’s faithfulness yesterday gives us confidence and courage as we step into 2019Continue reading January 2019

Christmas letter 2018

Dear friends, The picture above captures one of my favorite moments of the semester: while teaching the Indian Bible College Core Values to the twelve students in my Human Relationships class, our new President’s Cabinet came into the class to help model our fourth Core Value (team leadership).

December 2018

Great Expectations! What does that phrase bring to mind? Maybe Charles Dickens unforgettable classic? Hopefully it suggests some happier prospect for you — perhaps some potential you foresee soon coming to fruition? Maybe optimism regarding happy holiday plans? The things we dream of in life may or may not transpire according to our highly wishedContinue reading December 2018

November 23, 2018

Dear family and friends, “May our thoughts turn often, in our gratitude, to the Lord of harvest— Giver of all good.” (James H. Fillmore, Sr. 1849–1936) Brad and I are GRATEFUL. We have many reasons for this, and I will share a few of those with you.

November 2018

Dear family and friends In the last two weeks we have been going through the story of Cornelius. Last week we looked at how he and all his family were devout and God-fearing; he gave generously to those in need and prayed to God regularly. But Cornelius did not know Jesus. I asked them ifContinue reading November 2018