Summer 2022

Dear friends and partners, See below for the summer prayer letter that was put in the mail last month. It is a privilege to advocate on behalf of Native staff, and this summer I am sharing about Christina Tree-Lasiloo and her new support-raising efforts. That is below the letter. A few current praises and prayerContinue reading Summer 2022

April 2022

Dear friends, Tuesday started normally for our family. I (Jason) was in Phoenix with the younger two kids (Angie and David) leading a board meeting for the Association of North American Missions. I first became aware of the fire danger via a friend’s Facebook post. Then Sarah began to text me and call me, and—almostContinue reading April 2022

April 2022

Indian Bible College Biblical. Relational. Transformational. From the Desk of the President April 2022 Dear friends, Thank you for your prayers for IBC! We are seeing some tremendous blessings in answer to your prayers: In my last update, I asked you to pray for our workshops at the Advancing Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) Conference inContinue reading April 2022

February 2022

Thank you for your prayers for the board meeting! It was a very meaningful few days as we worked through some important matters from/for IBC’s past, present, and future. I am extremely grateful for a wise and faith-filled board. And I am grateful for the prayer support of God’s people.

November 2021

Indian Bible College Biblical. Relational. Transformational From the Desk of the President November 14, 2021   First, some FAMILY news: Abby (our oldest) joined high school sports this year! She participated as a freshman in Flagstaff High School’s swim team (three pictures above). Despite her ongoing chronic pain issues, she persevered and performed every heatContinue reading November 2021

Late July Update

Dear friends and prayer warriors, I can’t believe the summer is almost gone! The Staff Retreat, which marks the beginning of the new school year for our staff and faculty, is just two weeks away!

May 2021

Planning to travel over 7,000 miles in the winter during a pandemic…what could go wrong?!? One of the great responsibilities of my job as president is to travel on behalf of the school; one of the great privileges is to travel with my family. Here is a “photojournal” of our trip a few months agoContinue reading May 2021

October 2020

Greetings in Christ! The Fall semester is one-third over, and we are seeing the Lord’s hand of blessing in so many ways. We praise God that we haven’t had any incidents of COVID-19 on campus since the summer. Staff and students are amazingly healthy. We continue to monitor staff and student health closely, thanks inContinue reading October 2020

August 2020

Dear friends, Greetings in the name of Christ! I apologize that I am several weeks overdue for an update. The last few months have been hectic and challenging, but I wanted to give you a quick praise and prayer update as we are now just a week away from regular classes (which begin on AugustContinue reading August 2020

March 2020

Dear friends, Aloha from beautiful Hawaii! Our sabbatical here has been a great blessing, and I was planning to tell you all about it in my first update in over two months; unfortunately the coronavirus crisis is pre-empting focusing on our personal matters, so I’ll send out more information on that next week

January 2020

Dear friends, I write this to you on the eve of our departure for Hawaii. Our bags are packed (all 17 of them!) and our tasks of handing things off have been completed. We’ve spent a lot of time visiting family here in Oregon, including time with 12 of the 13 cousins. We visited ourContinue reading January 2020