Both Becky and Neil were blessed to grow up with parents who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. Through their ministry in Neil and Becky’s lives, both of them came to know the Lord at an early age. The role they have played in their lives cannot be overstated. Both Neil and Becky grew up in Texas, she in Dallas and he in San Antonio. They met at Texas A&M University in March 1989.

Through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ at Texas A&M, Neil and Becky were made aware of God’s heart for the world. They went on short-term mission trips to Mexico in 1989 and 1990 and continued to sense God leading each of them in the direction of missions. In December 1990, when Neil was seeking the Lord for direction for choosing a minor, he sensed one Sunday evening on the way to church a very distinct call from the Lord to minor in History, get his teaching credentials, and go teach missionary children. It was quite specific and very clear to him that evening. (Ironically, the topic at church that night was “Finding God’s will for your life”!)

Becky and Neil were engaged in May 1991. That summer they remember both feeling very strongly impressed on their hearts, once again, the Lord’s call on their lives in the direction of MK (missionary kids) Education. On one particular day that summer, though they were living many miles apart and had not discussed it for some weeks, they both felt the Lord leading them very clearly and directly toward that ministry.

Becky graduated in May 1992 and they were married the same weekend. Becky taught Spanish and ESL at a nearby school the next year while Neil finished his degree. He graduated in August 1993 with his teaching credentials. They had been in contact with New Tribes Mission (NTM) for some time regarding going overseas. The arrival of sons Ben and Andrew was God’s way of saying “not yet.” During this time Neil worked at Texas A&M doing computer system support. Finally, the Lord opened the door for them to go to Papua New Guinea (PNG) with NTM as associate (short-term) missionaries in June 1996.

Their “short-term” with NTM in PNG lasted four years. They had a wonderful experience ministering at Numonohi Christian Academy. Neil taught social studies, Bible, mathematics, along with a sprinkling of other courses along the way. During the four years they took one trip back to the USA in 1998 to have their third son Michael. When they headed home after four years, Becky was expecting their fourth child, Katie.

In order to continue with NTM at that point they needed to go through NTM’s career training. They did this throughout 2001 at New Tribes Mission of Canada’s (NTMC) Missions Institute in Durham, ON. Upon their return to Texas after completing the training, they had their fifth child and second daughter, Cara. In June 2002, Neil, Becky, and the five children returned to PNG to continue the ministry at Numonohi Christian Academy!

In 2015, Neil was asked to move into field headquarters where he took the position of NTM-PNG Personnel Director. He continues keep a foot in the door at NCA by teaching a Bible class, and Becky teaches Spanish in the high school.