With My Own Eyes

Recently, I went to Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), the other half of this great island and I finally saw a “new tribe” with my own eyes. Well, at least they were a “new tribe” until recently. They didn’t speak one word of Indonesian and still used little cowry shells as their money. These were the Moi people.

It was a challenge to get three missionary families moved into the tribe. It couldn’t have been done without the assistance of Helimission, who made many shuttles in their helicopter. There was a team of Indonesians who came in to cut timber for the houses, and there were work teams who came to help build the houses. But the greatest challenge for the missionaries was trying to learn the language by pointing at objects and acting out verbs, and hopefully getting the desired results. They have made it to language and culture check 2 (out of 4); so they are well on their way. Keep praying for those missionaries and for other “new tribes” in that part of the world.