Fall 2020

(written 10/31/20) This is the status of our country, Slovakia, and the headlines of the local newspaper last Sunday. We have been in lockdown mode for the last week and those who reside in Slovakia will undergo ‘voluntary’ testing this weekend. If people choose to not get tested, they need to continue with self-isolation forContinue reading Fall 2020

June 2020

We can honestly say this has been the most interesting Spring we have ever experienced! I’m sure many of you agree with our sentiment. We are very thankful to have been living in Slovakia during this time as the government has done an amazing job protecting the citizens and residents of this country. Slovakia hadContinue reading June 2020

March 2020

PRAY FOR SLOVAKIA Thank you for your prayers for Europe and the most central country in all of Europe, Slovakia. As I write this email, Slovaks are going to the polls to elect government officials. There are believers who are running for positions of leadership and we would ask you to pray that Slovaks wouldContinue reading March 2020

November 2019

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Trey and Elise would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and let you know how thankful we are for your love, support, prayers, and encouragement throughout the past 22 years of serving with the International Mission Board in the countries of Scotland, Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovakia. It’s brought comfort, strength,Continue reading November 2019

Winter 2019

BEYOND THANKFUL! Thank you so much for your prayers for us and the ministry God has blessed us with here in Slovakia and throughout Central Europe. You may not have noticed, but Elise has not done a good job sending out newsletters; yet, God continues to provide for us because of His unfailing love! ThanksContinue reading Winter 2019

May 2018

May Day! May Day is now most commonly associated as a commemoration of the achievements of the labour movement. The holiday may also be known as Labour Day or International Worker’s Day and is marked with a public holiday in over 80 countries. The 1 May date is used because in 1884 the American FederationContinue reading May 2018

March 2018

New Churches in Slovakia Thank the Lord with IMB colleagues in Bratislava, Slovakia for the many opportunities 2018 has brought for ministry and networking with Slovaks and GCC (Great Commission Christian) partners. There are three churches beginning new church plants in the coming few months and several others considering it within the next year! PrayContinue reading March 2018

Early Winter 2017

Preparation and Positioning

We are happy to report that God seems to be preparing and positioning Slovakia for a spiritual awakening! Just as preparation and positioning are so important in photography, history proves that these things are essential for any great movement of God. We are pleased to report that one of the mission leaders in Slovakia has asked us to be a part of a church planting team in Bratislava! Join with us in thanking God for this wonderful opportunity as well as for the International Baptist Church’s desire to sponsor this work. Ask for God’s wisdom as we seek to further build this team and lay a strong foundation in preparation for this church plant that is girded in prayer. Also, our church, Palisady Baptist, has been without a pastor for over a year and we have just received news that our church overwhelmingly voted to call Danny Jones to be our pastor! He was a former missionary in Slovakia for 14 years and member of our church for 4.5 of those 14 years. We are thrilled beyond words and ask that you pray for Danny and his wife Clara as they make preparations to return to Slovakia. Pray that our church would be positioned and prepared to become the Bride of Christ and be willing to be led by Danny as our pastor.

May 2, 2017


Dear Prayer Partner,

The missions conference in Slovakia this past weekend was great. Thanks for praying for us and those attending. We expected 20 – 40 in attendance, but there were about 55. The best thing was all the wonderful relationships that were begun. Springing out of that came an opportunity for a couple of volunteers to serve in Slovakia this summer:

March/April 2017

Opportunities given…

We are thankful for the many opportunities God gave us in the month of March and April to share the good news that Jesus is risen. Elise was able to connect with a young woman at McDonald’s who is very open to learning about faith in Christ. Trey has been able to connect with two high school students who are also interested in the gospel. Pray that God would continue to work in the lives of those with whom we have been able to share the message of hope and ask that they would desire to know more about God and His love for them.

January 2017

(This is the Atkins’ December letter with an update for January at the bottom)


Praise God for an amazing visit with the Missions leader and his wife here in Slovakia last Sunday! At his initiative, we are now actively pursuing a true partnership in the gospel in the coming year. Pray that each of us would be sensitive to the Lord and His leadership in how we can most effectively partner together for the furtherance of the gospel and His kingdom here in Slovakia. Ask that God would prepare the hearts and minds of those whom he would want us to influence for His kingdom. Also, please pray for our church, Palisady. The church voted to not give each of our pastors a vote of confidence and we are now in search of a new pastor. Pray that God’s man for our church would be found and lead this flock to become all that God would desire for it to be.



September 27, 2016


It is hard to believe that we have already been back in Europe for almost 3 months. I guess it is easier to believe, however, when considering we have moved 11 different times and lived out of suitcases for two months! Due to the length of time it has taken to secure an apartment contract (September 1, 2016), we are having difficulty getting our visa extended in time for Elise to have the freedom to travel out of Slovakia in October for a business trip on October 2nd. Please pray the Foreign Police would process our paperwork QUICKLY.

August 2016

Back to Bratislava

Hello from our Airbnb apartment! We had hoped to be writing from our new place, but we will not move in until September 2nd, though we just heard the date could be as early as August 26th. We had no idea we would be met with a housing shortage when we returned from our eight month stateside assignment in Shreveport, Louisiana. It did make it easier, though, to choose from the only three unfurnished apartments we saw and that out of six realtors we contacted!

We would appreciate your prayers as we adjust back to life in Slovakia, consider how we can effectively communicate the gospel to Slovaks, who and how to partner with in the task of extending God’s kingdom in Slovakia, and how to continue providing leadership for our IMB Colleagues in the EURO Central cluster.

March 2016

Old and New Friends

It has been so much fun to reconnect with old friends and make new friends. We have not seen some of these friends in over 12 years! It’s been wonderful to make new friends in the churches that we have visited and spoken in as well. Not only have our travels enabled us to see family and lots of basketball games, but have also afforded the luxury of us being able to get in touch with these friends once again!

October 2015

Dear friends and family,

Pictured above is our first worship service at Broadmoor Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana. Thanks so much for your prayers for us and our family. It means so much to know that you are praying, and God is faithfully answering your prayers!

July 2015

Although the reason for us getting together again was a sad one, we all so thankful to be with each other in our time of grief as we mourned the loss of Elise’s Dad, Kenley, but rejoiced in heaven’s gain! Thanks so much for your prayers as we continue to walk this road of grief.

May 12, 2015

Dear Prayer Supporters,

Four weeks ago, Elise’s dad was playing tennis. There is doubt now whether he will live through the day. Disease can take us quickly.

We are very sad and grief-stricken over the rapid decline of Elise’s dad’s health. What began as stomach surgery, quickly changed to cancer. to widespread cancer, to hospice care and terminal illness.

April 2015

Dear family and friends,

Well, time definitely marches on and, unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a newsletter out for awhile. It’s not that I haven’t thought about it or thought about you – the hands just haven’t hit the keyboard to make this happen!

End of January, 2015

Dear friends and family,

We hope this year has already been filled with many blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ! Ours sure has been and we are so thankful for God’s gracious hand, His satisfying presence, and meaningful purpose that He brings to our lives.