Paul and Laurel joined UIM International’s Aviation Team in 2004 and moved to Tucson, AZ. UIM Aviation uses airplanes to fly into remote villages in the mountains of Mexico to share the gospel of Christ.


Paul is the Director of Maintenance for UIM Aviation. He uses his mechanical and organizational skills on the 7 airplanes that UIM operates to keep them flying safely in and out of these rough airstrips in the mountains. His responsibilities include working on the planes, keeping track of all paper work for the FAA, overseeing the maintenance staff, scheduling and performing inspections on the aircraft, ordering of parts for the aircraft, and coordinating the maintenance schedule of 3 bases in Mexico where we have other UIM Aviation families living and working. As Director of Maintenance, Paul is part of the administrative team of UIM Aviation.

Laurel’s daily ministry varies between being keeper of the home, mission related ministry, and work in a local Christian school. She is the Administrator of Faith Christian Academy, which she was instrumental in starting in 2010. With the closest Christian high school a 40-minute drive away, and having 5 children, Paul and Laurel saw the need for this school not only for their family but also as a ministry opportunity in the southwest side of Tucson. Besides her work at FCA, Laurel is the family secretary, keeping in contact with our churches and supporters. She also assists with various events put on by UIM Aviation to further share the need of the ministry in Mexico.

Paul and Laurel have 5 children: Bethany, Matthew, Gabriel, Miriam and Jesse-Ana. Bethany is currently a student at Liberty University. The other children are still in elementary or high school.

God has called the Timblins to live and work in Tucson, much to their surprise. With their cross-cultural histories, they both thought they would be living and working in Mexico or overseas. However, God made it abundantly clear that Tucson was the place HE wanted them to use their unique gifts and talents for Him. Their gifts and talents are supporting and strengthening the ministry in Tucson and the aviation ministries that flourish in Mexico to impact lives for Christ. Paul’s skills in aviation maintenance enable the planes to fly missionaries and native pastors into the mountains, carrying God’s word to the lost in Mexico.

You can be part of this ministry as well through prayer and financially giving to support the ongoing work. Maybe God has gifted you with talents that can be used directly as part of the on-site team. If you wish to partner with us in this ministry please get in touch and let’s see what God has in store to bless your life! Our email is at the bottom of this page.