• Born: 5-4-1996
  • Interests: sign language, special needs children
  • Currently attending Liberty University with 3 majors: Elementary Education, Special Education, Autism, and 1 minor: American Sign Language

Matthew Paul Timblin

  • Born: October 27, 1998.
  • Interests: cycling and anything to do with the US military
  • Currently part of the Praise Media Team and AWANA Sparks Director
  • Plans: graduate high school (May 2017), attend the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Gabriel Chick Timblin

  • Born: 9-6-2001
  • Interests: hunting, riding bikes, camping, video games, swimming
  • Currently an AWANA Leader in Training and Nursery Helper
  • Job: Anything he can find Smile, hoping for Chick-fil-A in the future
  • Interesting facts: My middle name is from my Grandpa Watkins. I am the only one in our family with blue eyes.

Miriam Laurel Timblin

  • Born: 5-7-2004
  • Interests: cooking, baking, loves holding babies, biking, camping
  • Currently active in AWANA, and a helper for kindergarten Sunday School class

Jesse-Ana BeckyTimblin

  • Born: 2-25-2008
  • Interests: My little Ponies, playing dolls and Barbies, playing with pets
  • Currently in Elementary school and an active AWANA Sparky
  • Interesting facts: Our only child born in Tucson!