I was raised as a missionary kid in Germany since the age of 8. My parents, Paul and Sandy Timblin, have been missionaries there since 1977. I was lead to the Lord by my father during family devotions when I was five years old. Growing up in a godly and loving home gave me a strong foundation for my walk with Christ. At a Word of Life camp in Munich, Germany, when I was twelve, I dedicated my life to the Lord for missions. It was during that conference that a missionary pilot from Africa spoke and gave his testimony. I had always wanted to fly, and I felt the Lord leading me into missionary aviation. Later that same year I met Col. James Irving, of Apollo 15, who also encouraged me in this direction.

I then went on to attend Word of Life Bible Institute in N.Y. for one year. While there I was introduced to the aviation program at Piedmont Bible College (Now Piedmont Baptist College) in Winston-Salem, N.C. and felt the Lord leading me to enroll in that aviation program. I graduated from P.B.C. in 1996, having met and married my wife while obtaining my flight training.


I was born and raised in Liberia W. Africa to missionaries Chick and Joan Watkins. My Father has always been the example of a servant of Christ to me, and had a great impact on my life. I was led to the Lord at the age of 8 by my Dad, then at the age of 9, followed my salvation with Believers Baptism. I had the privilege of being raised always hearing of the Lord and learning more of Him each day. It seems like I always knew I was going to be a missionary but it was not until my senior year of high-school that I openly dedicated my life to the Lord for full-time missionary service.

I then proceeded to attend Piedmont Bible College in Winston-Salem, N.C. for three years of Bible, receiving a Christian Workers Diploma upon graduation in 1992. I met my husband Paul while at Piedmont, was married in 1992 and have since worked, with him, toward our mutual goal for the Lord, of full-time missions. I praise the Lord for the work HE has done in my life to lead me to this point!

I also attended Forsyth Technical College where I received my Associates degree in Nursing in 1994. I have experience working as a Burn Nurse at Baptist Hospital in NC.

We now have 5 children: Bethany, Matthew, Gabriel, Miriam and Jesse-Ana.  And for any of you wondering, we are not planning on Laurel birthing any more.  However, if you wish to give us a baby, Laurel will gladly take it!