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Pacific Mission Fellowship (PMF) is the church branch of Pacific Mission Aviation. About 9 years ago, PMA planted a church for the Outer Island community living here (many people from the Outer Islands of Yap travel to the main island for educational, medical and vocational reasons for varying lengths of time). Our church is called Pacific Mission Fellowship, or PMF. Our goal as a church is to multiply believers and build them up in their faith so they can return to their home islands bringing the message of salvation to their people. The PMF leadership team is made up of two outer island couples (Pastor Petrus and his wife Queentina; new trainee Bruce and his wife Noelene) and Amos and Heidi. Members of the congregation also help out in the various ministries of the church.

Please pray for:

  • Our church-for leaders to shepherd wisely, members to grow in their faith, and for evangelism to be a part of our lives
  • The believers who return to the Outer Islands-to be faithful to Christ and shine their light!
  • Amos – wisdom in management, safety in flight, awareness in maintenance, and to be a good witness in the community.
  • Heidi – for energy and wisdom in raising the kids; deeper relationships with the women of the church, and for more opportunities to share God’s love and truth with people in the community.