Christian Reformed World Missions and Christian Reformed World Relief Committee are two mission agencies of the Christian Reformed Church of North America. In Haiti these two agencies join together in ministry. They are called “Sous Espwa,” meaning “Source of Hope” in Haitian Creole. Our mission strategy for church and community development involves partnering with several Haitian organizations, who share a common vision to improve their ministry programs and organizational development. Sous Espwa currently has 7 staff members, along with 3 partner teachers, plus spouses and children; 26 people all together! Howard’s main foci are on the following three organizations doing ministry in Haiti:

Children's choir at the Christian Reformed Church in Thomasique, Haiti

Children’s choir at the Christian Reformed Church in Thomasique, Haiti

The Haitian CRC (ECRH)

ECRH began in 1987 and was legally established in 1999. There are currently 23 organized churches and 6 stations with nearly 3,000 members. Several committees are established to develop different ministry areas; and a family quota system was started for members to support the work of their denomination. Sous Espwa consults with the HCRC and provides matching funds to help the church develop their ministries.

The Ministry for Christian Development (MDK)

MDK is an ecumenical training program by extension for church leaders and Christian school teachers. They also provide a Bible correspondence program. MDK is in the process of reworking their training methodology so that it becomes more practical, more community based, and utilizes participatory training techniques. Sous Espwa provides MDK with consultative and financial support.

The Consortium for the Reinforcement of Christian Education in Haiti (CRECH)

Howard facilitates a discussion with teachers at the CRECH forum

Howard facilitates a discussion with teachers at the CRECH forum

CRECH is a coalition of organizations that have dedicated themselves to producing sound biblically-based curriculum for church and mission affiliated schools in Haiti. These schools have not had a Christian curriculum that integrates Biblical worldview with class subjects, and that is officially approved by the Haitian government. CRECH completed a Bible curriculum for grades 1 to 6. They are now developing curriculum for other subjects.

Elementary Bible Curriculum produced by CRECH

Elementary Bible Curriculum produced by CRECH
Ruth’s main ministries lie in two places. At home, she and Howard are raising four children and open their home for hospitality and encouragement. At the Sous Espwa office, Ruth works in administration, communication, and team building.