When Amos first started with PMA he was able to work under a missionary who had been a Pilot and Mechanic with PMA for over 30 years. For 5 years, Amos worked under his leadership and training and gained invaluable experience. When it came time for Amos’ mentor to retire and move back to the US, Amos was placed in a leadership role to oversee PMA’s entire aviation operations.

At a glance the following are some of Amos’ weekly activities:

FLYING: Amos is the Chief Pilot for PMA and flies a minimum of 2 times a week to the outer islands. PMA airplanes are a lifeline to the remote islands that only have a ship come through 4 times a year. Some of the most rewarding experiences are bringing people supplies, carrying the sick to a doctor, and dropping medicine with parachutes to a remote atoll almost 500 miles away.

MAINTENANCE: Missionary pilots are often also required to be mechanics because of the remote locations they operate in. Amos enjoys working as a mechanic where he is challenged every day to solve problems and be creative.

MANAGEMENT: Amos and Heidi are part of a small group of foreign missionaries that PMA has on the Island of Yap, and so as a result are the YAP Station Manager and head of PMA Aviation. This is a great responsibility and is always a great challenge to lead well, make the right decisions and also plan ahead for what is to come.

YOUTH LEADER: For the past six years, Amos and Heidi have been actively involved in teaching and discipling the Outer Island youth of the church. It has been a very exciting ministry to be a part of, and Amos and Heidi have loved being a second “mom and dad” to these kids. More recently, as Amos and Heidi’s responsibilities within PMA and their family have increased, they have needed help with this ministry. That is why they are so encouraged to have a new trainee couple, (Bruce and Noelene, also ex-youth group members) join them in leading the youth with the goal of taking over in the future.

What does Heidi do?

Heidi keeps pretty busy at home caring for the family. In addition, Heidi is also involved in:

  • Leading a women’s Bible Study every Wednesday afternoon for Outer Island women along with her teammate, Queentina.
  • Providing Refreshments for the weekly youth ministry, women’s ministry, and Sunday church.
  • Caring for the needs of our short term volunteers.
  • Running the church nursery for the 0-5 year olds.
  • Helping Amos with the Youth work