July 2023

Reflections from Holland For the last 3 weeks Dirk and I have been living in Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands. Many of our ancestors came from Holland and it’s been fun getting to know the area. We like to ride bikes, so this is an excellent place for exploring via that mode of transportation.

April 2023

Hello, happy Easter, none of you know me yet, but my name is Abigail. I just started volunteering at MMOL a couple months ago doing a number of different things. I’ve had the awesome experience this month of meeting the newest missionary to England, Grace Schmidt.

August 2022

This month, we’ve been able to get away for a month in Silver City, NM. Even though we are still working from home, it’s been a time of less stress, commitments, and some much-needed relaxation. We were able to attend a great church in the area, and had more time for reading and prayer.