ImageIngrid Barnswell Smith was born in the beautiful parish of Clarendon, Jamaica. She got married on a rainy day, September 30, 2000, to a wonderful man named Ansel James Smith. Ingrid and Ansel are living in the parish of St. James, the city of Montego Bay, Jamaica. She has 2 sisters and 3 brothers and her parents still live in Clarendon, Jamaica. Ingrid grew up with her grandmother, mother, step-father, siblings and other extended family members. She attended the Watsonton Methodist Church where she was confirmed at the age of 12. Her high school friend witnessed to her and she was baptized at age 15 at the Lionel Town Open Bible Church in Clarendon.

Ingrid was very active in many areas of the church. She was the youth group president, a Sunday school teacher and a choir member. She was also a member of the local police force. One morning, she was hurrying home from work after completing the night shift to attend a National Convention that her church branch was having in another parish. On her way home, she saw a child crying. After investigating, Ingrid found out that the little girl was being abuse by her mother. She cried on her way to the convention and it was then she knew that God was calling her into something bigger.

Ingrid started seeking out information about missions. She found out about Youth With A Mission (YWAM) through a mission’s seminar that she attended. She resigned from her job and went to YWAM to attend Discipleship Training School.