Brad is the Homes Finance Administrator. Wanda is the Homes Housekeeping Administrator.

Brad has been doing this job since March 2011 and Wanda since 2016 when her role as a teacher in the mission Christian school came to an end.

We have seen the Lord work in so many ways that we just cannot relate all of it here. Is this a part of world evangelism? Yes! So many missionaries go overseas with the idea of dying overseas but the Lord has other plans. Many times after a life of service over there, there is no place for them to transition into their ministries as “retired”. Most of the residents here are retired – according to the law of the land and in the eyes of the world. Where in reality most “retired” missionaries I know just keep serving as best they can with the life left in them as the Lord directs.

As we near (well, actually past) retirement age we have no immediate plans to retire. Age and old folk ailments have slowed us down but that is just opportunities for God to be glorified. We appreciate your continued support as we rely on His grace in all areas.