Ranee Duckworth


This website was created to encourage cancer patients. The journey is difficult and challenging and is one I traveled myself. The articles in this site were written based on journal entries that chronicled my cancer experiences. I wanted to share the amazing things God taught me and highlight Bible verses that gave me hope and inspiration during my journey. In spite of the many challenges, I experienced spiritual growth like no other time in my life. My hope is that God’s words will bring you comfort and hope for your journey and for many more tomorrows.

The following articles are written as separate and individual days in my journey. I suggest that you mark this site and read one article each day or two as you walk through your cancer battle. Perhaps the title of an article will lead you to some encouraging words for a struggle you are dealing with at this particular moment. I pray you are comforted by the word of God and by knowing that He will be with you through your journey.