January 2020

Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, forever! Hebrews 13:8 Do you like change? Have you “grown” a size this year? Do you have a new job or house? Are you ready for a new decade?

May 2019

In late 2015, God moved me back home to Wisconsin from Chihuahua Mexico. But He graciously provided an itinerate ministry so I could continue serving Him in missions! This means I can still be a part of the work in Mexico, but base out of Neenah, Wisconsin.

July 2018

Adventures with Allison If you were one of those who threw away my August 2017 glossy card, mistaking it for an advertisement for basement cleanup services, you missed out on a scary yet humorous story about my emergency renovation last summer. So this June God gave us all another opportunity to experience Basement Disasters 2.0.Continue reading July 2018

May, 2018

Some exciting news: Fernando came all the way from Caborachi to be trained as a Bible translator. This month he and Dale will be learning translation principles and then continue the work via Skype once he returns to the village. (Dale wrote the Bible lesson book that I formatted and printed last year.) PLEASE PRAYContinue reading May, 2018

March 2018

Hi everyone, Here is a prayer request from Terry Reed, a translation consultant with Ethnos360. This is in regards to plans for working on the Tarahumara Bible translation this month. Terry explained it so well, that I didn’t feel the need to rewrite it! Please pray for Fernando, Tony and Lauren Finch, Dale Taylor, andContinue reading March 2018

May 2017

It has been quite awhile since I sent out an email update. I have preferred snail mail. So for those of you who have not received any news from me… get me your snail mail address!

The big news is that after 30 years, I no longer work for New Tribes Mission! Don’t panic – I’m still a missionary. I’m now working for Ethnos360. Who or what is that? Well, it’s the NEW New Tribes!

April 2016

I am long overdue in writing an email update, especially for those of you who are not signed up to receive a snail-mail letter. I hope this will help you understand what God is doing in my life and ministry.

Imagine, if you will, that a friend comes to you and asks for your help to organize, proofread and format a 200-page book. Sure, you say. Here’s the catch – It’s in German. Okay, so maybe you know a few words and phrases in German, but you’re not exactly fluent. How tough is that project going to be?

December 2015

No “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year” from me.

Not because I’m a Scrooge. Sure, I’d love for you all to be “happy,” but I realize that many of you are struggling with health or family matters or finances. I have over 20 friends who have lost loved ones this year, and going through this Christmas with that emptiness is going to be difficult, not “merry.”

October 3, 2015

Hello, dear ones! It’s been awhile. I’m discovering a couple things about myself this year:

1. Now that I’m a half century old, I don’t accept and deal with change and new things as well as I did years ago. Sealed

2. Technology has complicated our world, it interrupts relationships, rather than enhancing them (with a few exceptions). I can’t keep up with all the thousands of way to communicate with people, and each person has their favorite way!

It’s been ages since my last EMAIL update, and for those who don’t receive my postcards or letters, I feel like I should write a book for you about all that has passed. But then I know you wouldn’t read it. So I’ll break down the last few months in bullets for you.

June 2015

Allison finally has some plans!

Well, actually, my plans are already being put into action!

Thanks for all of your prayers over the past year for guidance and direction from the Lord in my life. I can definitely see His hand leading me through the darkness, one step at a time, not revealing too much ahead of time.

I returned to Chihuahua Mexico in early March in Part 1 of my return to the field. I got my house set up, got papers for my American vehicle, and talked to my field leaders about what I should be trying to accomplish. We decided i would pursue taking a Tarahumara language course offered by Pioneers missionaries in a nearby city, Cuauhtemoc. (If you don’t speak Spanish, don’t even bother trying to pronounce some of these names! Just call this one Kwow.)

March 30, 2015

Well, it has been an interesting month! Due to bad weather in the midwest at the end of February, I postponed my travel plans to head back to Mexico. I got to spend my parents’ anniversary with them on March 1, and then made the long drive to El Paso in two days.

On March 4 I crossed the border with some friends, only to discover that the laws had changed in Mexico, and I could have brought my own (American) vehicle across the border with a temporary permit!! I needlessly left it behind in El Paso. Oh well! That is life in a foreign country – never knowing what the rules are going to be! (btw, the law must have gone into effect March 1, because NO ONE knew about it – not even import agents that I talked to!) My friends graciously loaned me their car until I could bring my vehicle down.

March 6, 2015

Hello there! I still don’t have internet at home, so I am trying to quickly write a note to everyone to let you know that I arrived safe and sound in Chihuahua on Wednesday, we had a very smooth border crossing – PRAISE GOD!

I’m doing okay here in Chihuahua. The house is a real mess, and it will take a week or more to get it to my version of “normal.” Glad the cats and dogs are not here, because it would take even longer.

February 1, 2015

Well, it’s finally time for me to head back down to Chihuahua Mexico. I’ve traveled to the four corners of the US and everywhere in between. I’ve really enjoyed my time getting to know more people at my home church and, of course, spending time with my family! I was a little concerned with some things I was seeing with my parents’ health, but all their doctors’ visits say they are doing well for their age! So I feel a lot better about leaving them and returning to the field at this time.

October 22, 2014

Oct 22, 2014

Hello again!

Well, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I returned home to Neenah WI after being out East for a month and a half. I traveled almost 7000 miles in those 42 days, and I lost count of how many people I visited! That was the last of four trips around the United States and Canada and Mexico, so now to settle back down… for now…

August 17, 2014

I’m sure you’ve all been asking, “Where in the world is Allison Lucht?” Okay, maybe not. But since I haven’t sent out an email update in awhile, I thought it was finally time for another.

I’ve been holed up here in Wisconsin for the summer, and what a lovely summer it has been! The perfect weather after a long, cold and snowy winter. THANK YOU, LORD!

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day, or as we celebrate it in Mexico, Happy Friendship Day!

I just wanted to update you on some things. I traveled over 4,500 miles throughout the southeastern US during Jan/Feb, arriving back home in Wisconsin just in time for another cold spell.

December 2013

I wanted to write you all one last time this year to thank you for your prayers and support, your friendship and love. I was on a road trip from Oct 9 – Nov 20. Here is a list of some of the highlights:

  • Travel time: 42 days
  • Miles (km) traveled: 8,550+ (13,750+ km)
  • $ for gas: approx. $1100 
  • States & Provinces visited: 16
  • Sites visited: Green Gate Bridge (Vancouver), Redwood Forest, Golden Gate Bridge, Hwy 1, Sea Lion Caves, Grand Canyon & Sedona, Window Rock & met a real living Navajo Codetalker from WWII, Bridge to nowhere (Omaha version)
  • Mean custom agents encountered: 1 Canadian lady
  • Bald Eagles seen in the wild: 2
  • Families and friends visited: 50 – every one of them precious!

October 2013

The Transition: “Life Without Allison”

After 12 years of serving at the Brickyard, it was finally time to pass the proverbial baton. We had taught chronologically through the Bible several times during the first 9 years, and in July I wrapped up the last of the doctrinal lessons, representing the past 3 years of teaching. I gave the people the best foundation I could. I’ve tried to meet their physical and medical needs, to encourage and comfort them, to empower them to improve their lives. I want to point them to the Lord who enables me to serve them. Yet many were looking to me instead of to God, and it became time for me to step out of the picture. Now Vanessa and her friends, along with Jerusalem Church, will lead this small struggling flock. They are already beginning to take the first steps of independent responsibility by working together, pooling their resources, and serving one another. PRAY FOR CONTINUED GROWTH!

September 16, 2013

Happy Independence Day! At least in Mexico it is. Although I have been home here in WIsconsin for 5 weeks now, I still think of my fellow missionaries and friends down in Mexico.

It was an uneventful, but long, 3-day trip from Chihuahua up to Neenah with my mom and our 5 furry passengers (3 cats and 2 dogs). Everyone has settled in to the new surroundings. The dogs love the walks in the parks, lots of grass and trees and squirrels. The cats love sitting in the many windows (compared to my Chihuahua house) and long to join the dogs outdoors. But they’ll be glad of the “indoors only” rule come winter time!!

August 2013

Well, it’s almost departure time! My dear mother has been helping me clean and sort and pack and throw out all the stuff I’ve accumulated for 14 years’ and 5 different ministries’ worth of stuff. We hope to leave for home next week. Please be praying for our travels.

July 2013


Well, after another bout of laryngitis, I seem to finally be back to normal, more or less. Almost lost my voice yesterday at the end of Bible Club.

Please be praying for this coming week. A group from Colorado arrives soon and will be helping with two Vacation Bible Schools here in Chihuahua, one at a local church and the other at the Brickyard with me. Please lift them up in your prayers each morning to have the strength for each day, for unity on the team, and for the love of Christ to cross the language barrier.

June 2013

June 1, 2013

What a difference a few weeks make! Three weeks ago, I announced at the Brickyard that I would be leaving for a year and that Vanessa would be taking over the Friday classes. We told the ladies that we would need THEIR help, and suggested various ways they could help. The purpose of this is to get them to take baby steps in their Christian walk, to reach out and minister instead of just waiting to be ministered to. Here are some of the results:

May 2013

May 18, 2013

Well, it’s official; I am taking a full-year furlough, beginning in August. Finally, after 14 years. Yep, I need it! I hope to base out of my parents’ home in Wisconsin and travel to see as many of you (in the continental US and Canada) as possible. Yep, all the way out to Deer Park, Washington, and British Columbia, down to southern California, over to Sanford, Florida, and on up to Maine and Ontario, and pretty much everywhere in between. Can’t wait to see you all! For some of you, it’s been 25 years since we’ve seen each other face-to-face.