Since finishing the May River Iwam New Testament in 2009, God has me living and working in town on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea.  He keeps me busy with projects to support the other missionaries who work in church planting ministries in the rural areas around our province.  My main ministries include: 

  • Tribal Printing office  – printing & binding materials (scripture portions, Bible lessons, literacy materials, etc.) for use by our missionaries around the Sepik River area provinces of PNG
  • NTM Literacy consultant for our region of PNG
  • Liaison with patients sent by our missionaries to the hospital here in town
  • Ladies Bible study with the national ladies who work on our mission center
  • Ongoing translation of literacy library materials for the May River Iwam — as time etc. allow!

Of these duties, the tribal printing work is by far the most “fun.”  Who wouldn’t enjoy an occupation which allows for all day “arts and crafts!” 

The most challenging of these ministries would be preparing lessons for the Bible study with the PNG ladies who work here on our center.  As I prepare the lessons for others, God teaches me so much more about Himself — and what He yet desires to do in me.  He continues His work of knocking off the rough edges of my life, ever making me become more and more like Jesus!