Interesting Fact

There are 2 main religions in our area (apart from animism).  The one religious group is called “the Cargo Cult”. People who follow the cargo cult believe that if they follow the 10 Commandments, then God will be happy with them and give them health, wealth and success.  They will chant the 10 Commandments over and over as a form of magic to appease God.  Along with the 10 C belief, the members of the cargo cult also believe that they can pay for sins with money.  This money is then collected every 6 weeks or so, and taken down to the headquarters of this group, where their leaders will do another form of magic to take away the sin.  Another major part of the Cargo Cult is the appeasement of the spirits of the dead.  They will place food out on tables in their Spirit House, in order to feed the spirits.  Although the food doesn’t disappear, they believe that the spirits of the dead will have eaten the spirits of the food!

10 Commandments

Spirit house

The other religious group in our area  will pick and choose various Scripture verses in English and Latin which they will read.  However, without clear teaching, these beliefs get mixed in with the traditional ones, and the result are very confused people who believe that if they are baptized, take Communion and confess their sins to an intercessor, then they will be okay in God’s sight.