Current Ministry

Integration is taking place within New Tribes Mission. This in effect means that we are consolidating the two phases of Missionary Training and Language School into one phase. There are many reasons for doing this. Two of the main reasons is staffing personnel and consolidating the course to make it a little bit shorter andContinue reading Current Ministry

Our Time at Interface

Tom’s main ministry at Interface (ITF) was to deal with issues between Interface and the local people. In addition, he was in charge of all the campus maintenance. Tom supervised the employees that worked on the ITF campus who were from the local Bena tribe. Unfortunately, many of the employees were not very dependable andContinue reading Our Time at Interface


Tanya was born in Australia and was raised in a non-Christian home with a younger brother and sister. Tanya’s parents moved their family a lot, to new houses and towns, hoping for a better life. When Tanya was 11, her parents divorced and she lived with her dad. Tanya and her dad moved and startedContinue reading History