May 2013

Dear Friends,

Wish you could have all been with me on my last trip just so you could have experienced the bone-jarring drive of 7 hours on an unbelievably rough road, sitting sideways in a 10 seater four wheel drive truck, with all the cargo and 12 fellow passengers. (It’s probably more like, “Misery loves company.”) I told my co-worker, Greg Greenlaw, that these trips are a test of endurance. But let’s not let the story get skewed by the travel arrangements. We went to introduce our Bible lessons to pastors and their wives and to teach them how to use them. The Lord used the time to encourage many hearts. Erave is in a very remote area of the country and the people there don’t get much outside help. God gave us a wonderful time with them, and the power of God’s Word never ceases to amaze me.

April 2013

Dear Friends,
  We are so thankful for the resurrection of Christ. His payment for sin was complete and accepted by the Father.
  This orchid decided to open up for Easter. It is the first time that it has blossomed. The Lord is opening new opportunities to minister too. We have three pastors’ seminars scheduled so far this year. We want to see these pastors encouraged and challenged to more fruitful ministries.

Tanners’ Tidbits – February 2013

Dear Friends,

Our one week break passed by all too quickly, and we returned to work on Wednesday. In the finance office, Kathy found a stack of things waiting for her and she jumped back into her routine. I discovered that the two books I had asked to be printed had been done and I got busy on proofreading one of the volumes. They are a simple English version of our Bible Lessons. We already have an order for 100 sets of them. Hopefully, we’ll be able to have them ready to go to print by the end of next week. 

January 2013

Dear Friends,

Well the world didn’t come to an end, but this year did! It has been a fruitful year and we thank God for His faithfulness again.

It was the year in which we saw a new ministry and a new department started. We are calling it the Bible Teaching Resource Department for now. We have 269 Bible lessons translated into Pidgin English, a leadership/teacher training manual, and we just finished a book for leaders with helpful Scriptures for long and fruitful ministries.

October 2012

The Manus Pastors’ Seminar

Dear Supporters,

We had a wonderful time in Manus with the folks you see in the photo above. Many of the village pastors were excited to have the Bible lessons to study and to teach from. This month, we’re heading to a remote airstrip near Mt Bosavi in the Southern Highlands Province (SHP) where 60 pastors have registered to attend so far. In November, we have a conference in the Pawaian tribe and another pastors’ seminar near Lake Kutubu in the SHP. Pray that God’s word will go out with power.

September 2012

Pastors’ Seminar in Manus Province

September 17-22

How thankful we are for many things. Word is getting out that we have Bible lessons printed and available for sale, and we are getting more and more requests to hold seminars to teach people how to use them properly. This month we have one in the province of Manus, pictured in dark red on the map to the right. We’ve never been there before, but it seems like God’s timing to allow us to get acquainted with pastors there. Pray that the sessions will go well. We have invitations to hold pastors’ seminars in October and November in the Southern Highlands Province. These are more remote areas and the pastors say that they need help. Next year, we were asked to teach in a training center for couples who want to be involved in full time service outside their own tribes. They know how to do church planting in their own languages, but want to reach beyond their borders. Pray for God to rise up the right couples, to see the Gospel go out to more places.