June 2017

About a week ago, an email reached the headquarters office requesting a missionary from New Tribes Mission to come and speak to students at the Christian Leaders Training College about 4 hours’ drive from here. They wanted someone to come and teach the students about our Creation to Christ Bible lesson courses during a mission emphasis week.

Spring 2017

We have another teacher training course coming up the 25th for advanced teachers. I’ve never taught it before, but I’ve been busy working at curriculum development. Pray it will all come together. We are expecting about 25 folks.

We started volume 10 in our English Bible course, but after doing 5 lessons, I had to lay it aside to work on the teachers’ course. 

The last teacher training course we had was very effective. One man wrote, “I personally was helped a great deal by attending the training. I had been taught lessons, but now I know how to teach them others. I thank God for the course.”

I was invited to speak Easter Sunday morni ng in a church in the town of Goroka. I look forward to sharing the Word with them. I just finished the oil painting of this elderly woman today. I love older people as subjects. Thanks for your prayers.

March 2017

Three stories from the mission field in Papua New Guinea


It has been a while since we’ve been in touch, but God continues to do great things on this side of the world. This week we started a 4 week discipleship class with these 4 people from Hela Province. After that, they will attend a teachers’ training course so they can go back and reproduce. Pray for their growth.

December 2016

Short stories from the mission field in Papua New Guinea

This is Max. His pastor and missionary wanted him to escort me up to the Christmas youth camp in December, but when they found out we have a teacher training course coming up next week, they asked if he could attend. It was decided that he would come early and allow me to mentor him.

He is a dedicated earnest young man and it has been a joy and privilege to spend time pouring into his life. He has managed to study 17 out of the 68 lessons in just a few days.

Pray God will use this time to encourage him and strengthen his faith. We look forward to see him serving Christ in the years ahead.


July 14, 2016

Hello all,

July 4-8, Paul and I attended Connection 2016 at the Christian Leaders Training College. We were asked to attend for two reasons. We are considered a resource group and have materials to enrich the churches and I was asked to speak on how God is using our Bible Lessons around the country.

March 2016

Encouraging words

Some dear friends, John and Lena Allen, came to visit. During our time together, John mentioned that he had taken our simple English Bible lessons to India and introduced them to some students attending a Christian College. One of the students had written to John to let him know that he was using the lessons to teach people and they were clearly understanding the Word.

February 19, 2016

Some of you may remember Alphonse who came to know Christ after he and his wife studied through Course 1. We hadn’t seen him since our trip to the USA for our grandson’s wedding, but he popped in to welcome us back. I asked him if they had studied any lessons while we were gone, and he said that they had finished the lessons in Course 2 and 3. I was pleased to give him the first book of Course 4 (Romans and Ephesians). We are so glad for hungry hearts.

February 18, 2016

An experiment that went terribly right Smile

Nathan lived across the road from us until he finished 10th Grade and went to work loading airplanes near a gold mine.

Before he left, I was doing quite a bit of traveling so I gave him a simple Engish version of our first course of Bible lessons.

He was reading it before he left, but he texted me last night to tell me he had finished it. I hadn’t taught him, but I wanted to see how the lessons would impact people who just read them on their own.

He wrote, “Good night Pop. I have completed book 2.”

Me, “Did you learn much? Has God spoken to you?”

February 13, 2016

Our teaching team taught in two locations in Hela Province and this is a report written recently by one of the church leaders. How we thank God for the power of His word. Praise Him with us.

February 7, 2016

This was a group of people who came for a teacher training course in Nov 15. A couple of the ladies said “We’ve never taught before and when we had to teach a lesson before a group we shook all over, but the Holy Spirit gave us strength. Now we know with His help and the tools you gave us, we can do this.”

June 2015

Thank You

Dear Friends,

I have been teaching a man who worked as a missionary, but showed no fruits of salvation. He was proud, bad tempered and self-centered. He came to me asking to be taught from the Scriptures so he could know the ‘true’ way to know Christ. After a few weeks, one morning he said, “I’m like something sunken deep into an outdoor toilet that is full or maggots. No one cares enough for me to reach down and pull me out. God is the only one who loves me enough to rescue me by His grace.” Please pray that he’ll understand the gospel and be saved.

May 2015

Dear Friends,

We would like to introduce you to one of the Elimbari leaders who is an excellent teacher. His name is Kaupa (cow-pah) Tom. His first wife, Aina (eye-nah) was also in demand as a speaker at ladies’ conference, but was taken home after a bout with cancer. Now, Tom has a new wife; named Dorothy. He and another teacher are teaching a group of youth 3 nights a week. Pray for him, his family and his ministry.

March 2015

For the past three years we have seen open so many doors in our new ministry, provide for printing new Bible lesson books and to train many pastors around the country. I believe we’ve trained about 330 so far. Many others are asking for training, so pray that they will get organized on their end. Pray as we keep translating the simple English for Papua New Guinea version. We’ve got 6 of the 9 volumes finished. PTL!

Pastors training

May 2014

Dear ones,

Sometimes we feel like our feet haven’t truly touched the ground in America yet. Our trip to Florida went well except for the new distributor cap that we had to buy. We were glad that we were able to drive it to a garage for the repair.

March 2014

Dear ones,

Our departure for furlough is coming up quickly. Our granddaughter, Grace 23, arrived on Kathy’s birthday (February 23rd) and will be traveling back with us. Our itinerary looks like this: Departing Goroka to Port Moresby March 13, Port Moresby to Brisbane, Australia March 15, renting a car and driving down to Sydney March 17-21, Sydney to Singapore March 21, Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia March 24, Kuala Lumpur to Zurich, Switzerland March 26, Zurich to London April 2, London to Dublin April 4, Dublin to Charlotte, NC April 9 and driving down to Greenville, SC. We’ll be there a few days and then head up to Michigan.

February 2014

Dear ones,

Our trip to the capital, Port Moresby, was cut short by a day due to a flight cancelation from bad weather. The purpose of our trip was to show Wade Ebersole, our newest co-worker, our contacts there. We also gave out samples of our 3 most recently printed books. We praise God for all the people and places we were able to see.

January 2014

Dear ones,

It seems strange to be writing 2014 already. Life continues.

We had a quiet Christmas with our co-workers, Wade and Deanne Ebersole. Sure missed our kids and grandkids.

It’s a good thing you are not at our house this week. It looks like a cyclone hit it. With the help of Nathan, a young man from the community, we managed to move things and pull up all the carpets and get them shampooed. Do you know what happens to a cluttered room when you remove the carpet? Everything gets piled up and shifted around. I’m afraid that’s how we welcomed in the New Year. It is slowly getting back to order, but it has helped us decide what to keep and what to liquidate.

July 2013

Mount Elimbari 9,250 ft 

Dear Friends,

My recent 5 day trip to Elimbari was quite a mixture of experiences. I thought I would be teaching church leaders for 3 days and then speak to the whole congregation on Sunday morning. Wrong! The congregation wanted to meet every morning from 8:00-10:00 and then I met with the leaders from 10:30 to 12:30 and we met in the evenings too. Needless to say, my well seemed dry. I rejoiced to see the church still going strong, but they need to spread the Gospel and plant new churches.


June 2013

Thank you

Dear Friends,

Hope this finds you doing well.

It was a month of many backward blessings for us. Do you ever have those? We had a lot of things that were very frustrating and seemed like obstacles to progress, but we were reminded that anything worth doing for Christ will be opposed by the enemy. We just keep pushing through by faith, and the blessings come in the end.