July 2013


Our 50th anniversary celebrations started early when a UPS truck delivered a package late Thursday afternoon the 13th of June.  Inside the box that said “Washing Machine” on it were two frames, hand made by our son Raymond in Kansas, in the shape of a 50!  It was a collage of up to date photos that all three of our children had worked on. Yes, worked on, by sending photos to Ray in Kansas from Australia and New York!  The photos were of our three children, their spouses, their children, and our great grand-daughter!  Perfect!

June 2013

 June 4th, 2013

Dear Team Members,

Can you believe it?  We just unpacked our cases again!  Looks like we could be home now for a while – MAYBE!

We had the joy of being able to go up near Atlanta, Georgia over Memorial Day weekend so we could go to the military Cemetery in Canton, Georgia.  That is where Charlie’s mother has been buried.  The cemetery is beautiful!  Each grave has their own headstone and they were able to do the inscription on hers by the weekend. There was a Memorial Day program on Saturday the 25th and it was so encouraging!  We are so thankful Charlie’s Mom (Mum for our Australian/NZ friends) could be buried in this cemetery.  Charlie’s Dad died during WWII before he was born and a ruling allows the spouse to be buried in a military cemetery.

May 2013

Dear Team Members,

Yikes, where do we begin?  So much has been going on in our lives!

Two weeks ago we had our daughter Esther, her husband Ricky, and their little girl Desirae, who will be three in June, here to visit us.  We had so much fun going to the Sanford Zoo, the beach, and also Sea World.  The weather that week was unusually hot and fun beach weather!  They are now back home, but we have special memories that will last forever!

April 2013

Dear Team Members,

As we started this letter it was Food Friday.  I was going to say the day that changed the world, but without Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday there is no hope, but Jesus Christ did rise from the dead, so we have an eternal hope for which we are so thankful!!

February 26, 2013

Dear Team Members,

Greetings in our Savior’s precious Name from sunny Florida.  It is hard to believe we have been home four weeks already!  I keep looking back on our trip with MORE SPECIAL MEMORIES!  The day before we left our home town in Massachusetts, we were able to celebrate my older sister Bonnie’s 71st Birthday along with my younger sister Lynda and most of their family.  The years fly by and we cherish the times we have together.  Bonnie presented us with a set of six gift boxes of chocolates to enjoy on our journey back to Florida, so with our trunk packed, back seat packed to the ceiling, and six boxes of chocolates under my feet we headed out on our journey back to Florida!  Of course they were finished before we got back!

February 2, 2013

Dear Team Members,

Greetings from us Cases who are unpacking our cases! With over 11,400 miles behind us we are getting settled and are now, at times, enjoying temperatures in the high 70’s and not freezing weather like it was up north!  Last night it got down to around 50 degrees, but that’s not bad!  Two weeks ago before we arrived in Atlanta, we drove through a horrible blizzard with about 12 inches of snow.  The highway was not being plowed as it was peak hour traffic, semi-trucks were stuck, one of our windshield wipers looked like it was going to snap off, and constant prayers were going up!  Though we could not get up the hill to the motel in Hillsville, VA, Charlie was able to sort of turn around and head back down the hill so we could go through two restaurant parking lots and eventually get up to the motel :o)  Now safe and warm, for supper we enjoyed snacks and cereal we had with us :o)  It did look like a winter wonderland in the end :o)  Charlie did not call it that!  The next morning about 14 minutes after we were on the road there was no snow on the ground!

Christmas 2012

Dear Team Members,

At this Special time of the year we reflect on the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, knowing that without that without Him, life would be hopeless.  What peace and joy we have knowing we serve a risen Savior.  The names on the other side of this letter reflect His character and can give peace to this troubled world.

December 2012

Dear Team Members,

Greetings from us Cases living out of cases! This update is from our home town of Fitchburg, Massachusetts where it is cold and a few snow showers, but not bad yet!  So far low temperatures hover around the freezing mark.  On December 6th we head to northern Maine so imagine we will really see cold weather.  Soooo glad we brought our winter boots, and warm clothes.  Some days already I (Cherrie) am wearing three layers not counting my winter coat!!!!!!!  Charlie says I always pack the kitchen sink, but this time it is our winter woolies and vitamins to keep well!  When people see our Florida license plate they must think we are crazy!

November 2012

Dear Team Members,

Greetings from us Cases living out of cases! Your prayers have meant so much!!!!!!!!!! We have gone from around 85 to 24 degrees Fahrenheit and what a shock it has been! At present, possibly from sitting so much, we are having some back problems, and Cherrie is having difficulty with light-headedness.  So we appreciate your continued prayers, not only for us, but for our daughter Esther who has been having migraine headaches, for our daughter-in-law Janelle as she recuperates from back surgery (she is coming along really well- thank you for praying). 

October 2012

Dear Team Members,
G’Day from Kansas where the temperature is getting colder each and every day, and the leaves are starting to show their brilliant autumn colors!

Thank you for your prayers as we travel, but most of all for our daughter-in-law Janelle who had major back surgery on September 20th.  The operation went well, but we know she would appreciate your prayers for the weeks ahead as her back heals and she recuperates.  We are with Ray and Janelle this week which is SPECIAL.  Of course seeing their children and their families is GREAT!!!   Of course the icing on the cake is to see our great-grand-daughter Temperance!  Temperance will be two in December and she already talks about the computer!

September 2012

Dear Team Members,

Time has flown by and it is time for us to start our long trip in view of us retiring.  We leave early on Thursday morning the 20th.   The bad news is we have been hearing that weather up north has already started turning cold!  The good news is Chuck and Darlene Marshall have caught on to our jobs of Business Advisor and Secretary really well.  We keep telling them we are only a phone call away if they forget how to do something or need help.