June 1, 2016

Dear Team Members, 

Where do we begin? Lots has gone on in recent weeks: 0n Thursday, May 12th I had a mastectomy and all seemed to be going well, until in the early evening Lynne, who was my nurse ( my angel watching over me) had to phone my surgeon as there was undue swelling. I was taken back to surgery as there was internal bleeding and a blood clot Frown Got back to my room around 2am. Then on Friday I had a unit of blood, and was discharged later that day. This past Wednesday the 25th, staples were taken out and the two drains removed. Today the surgeon put me back on an antibiotic to help with the inflammation. Trusting I will be able to get comfortable and start sleep better – not only me, but that Charlie will start sleeping better also! We believe the chemo has done a job on my feet, legs, and hands, as neuropathy and pain has settled in them. We trust this is not permanent! I don’t see the oncologist until June 23rd, so at this point in time we don’t know if I will be having radiation treatment. This is a long journey, and without you walking it with us, we would not cope. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE, CARE, AND PRAYERS EACH STEP OF THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 21, 2016

Dear Stretcher Bearers,

How thankful we are for your prayers with so much going on!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thursday, May 12th, I had a mastectomy in the morning.  All seemed to be going well, but early evening the surgery site was quite swollen, so the nurse phoned my surgeon, who came in and felt they needed to take me back to surgery again Frown She found a blood clot, and a bleeder, which she fixed.  I was back in my room around 2am, encouraged, and know it was because of all your prayers.  On Friday the 13th I needed a unit of blood, and came home later that day.  I call Lynne, the lovely Christian nurse on duty, my angel, and believe if she had not been so watchful, the next morning I may not have been alive!

April 29, 2016


There is a statement we have heard over the years: “GOD’s VERY RIGID RULE IS TO BE VERY FLEXIBLE!” For myself (Cherrie), I like to be organized, but lately that word has not been in our vocabulary!!!!

March 26, 2016

March 26th, 2016

Dear Team Members,

Our love to you from Florida! Spring time here, still mixed weather up north, and in Australia a mixture of Summer going into colder weather.

Words cannot express our appreciation for your love, prayers, and expressions of help during this journey. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Smile We so want to write personally to each of you, but know you understand that we are not able to do that.

February 28, 2016

Dear Team Members,

It is so hard to believe we are at the end of February! I have had four chemo treatments with two left to finish, one on March 10th and the last one on March 31st. A good part of the cancer has vanished, and the surgeon is saying that I may not need radiation after I have surgery! We commit that to the Lord! I still have various side effects that sap my strength. This past week I have been week and exhausted. My hemoglobin levels continue to fall, so I may need a blood transfusion one day. I have neuropathy in my hands and feet, which we trust will disappear! The medical staff have been absolutely the BEST, and you being my stretcher bearers makes my day, every day! My knight in shining armor, Charlie, has been an awesome help and soul mate Smile

Feb 12, 2016

Just a short update about my appointment with the surgeon today. Dr Rahm did an ultrasound and compared it to the one she did before the chemo started. Some of the tumors are completely gone and some have shrunk quite a bit. This is after 3 chemo treatments. She suggested I see a plastic surgeon and get some advice about when the surgery will take place. Usually it is 4 to 6 weeks after the chemo ends which is supposed to be March 31st. Dr Rahm would do the surgery in conjunction with the plastic surgeon.

February 2016

Dear Team Members,

How we thank the Lord for you as we journey through these difficult times. Your PRAYERS are a constant encouragement and help keep our heads above water Smile

We have a SPECIAL PRAYER request: Charlie’s brother Dave’s wife Susan has shingles on the right side of her face involving her eye, mouth, nose, and sinus. We have had a number of our retirees come down with shingles and we know it is serious. The doctor has put her on medicines, and we ask PRAYER that these meds will help, for the pain involved, and for a speedy recovery!!!!

January 1, 2016

Dear Team Members,

Was it a bump in the road, a pot hole, or a sink hole? Interesting questions! For each of us 2015 has had its challenges!

December 17th started a new journey for me, Cherrie. At first I thought it was a bump, but now it seems more like a sink hole! Multiple side effects has at times made me feel like I was dying, but I am still here, BUT in the midst of it all there is an enigma – the feeling of everything falling apart and also a peace that passes all understanding! YES the two can be present at the same time. Knowing the Lord has promised to NEVER leave us NOR forsake us, and the peace of God that is beyond understanding has kept me sane! Knowing His Word is TRUE, and that folk like yourself are praying for both Charlie and myself, has made that sink hole bearable. Next Thursday, January 7th,will be the second chemo treatment. This coming week, being the third week since my first chemo treatment, I am feeling a little better and eating better, though food does not taste very good. Guess it is the first two weeks following each chemo that are the worst. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for standing in the gap with us!

Christmas 2015



As we look back over this year, we have so much to be thankful for! To begin with we have JESUS CHRIST Who IS the Son of God, the Prince of Peace, the Light of the world, the Messiah, the Way, the Truth, the Life, and our Savior! In this fallen world, instead of despair, we have HOPE, not just for today, but for tomorrow and for eternity. He deserves all our praise and adoration!!!

November 2015

Dear Team Members,

It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of 2015! This year is flying by, and for each of us, we are sure there have been good times and also sad times! How thankful we are to know our hope is in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and not our circumstances.

Having turned 71 in October, I had to laugh when on TV they were talking about an elderly person and said her age was 71. So guess I have joined the ranks of the elderly! Guess Charlie will have to wait a few months before he is elderly Smile.

October 10, 2015

Dear Team Members, October 10th, 2015

Hi there from Central Florida! Where autumn is settling in with a bit cooler weather Laughing For those who are enjoying colorful leaves, pleased also enjoy them for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For our Australian friends, it sounds like summer is hitting you with a vengeance!!!!

We’ve been looking at the list of countries represented in the Teaching English Classes we are involved in. In Charlie’s class there are folk from El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Iran, Spain, S. Korea, and China. In Cherrie’s class there are folk from Puerto Rico, China, S. Korea, Afghanistan, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, and Guatemala. What a privilege it is to serve these folk. We certainly appreciate your prayers for each of us teachers, the students, and for our time together to be profitable.

September 2015

Dear Team Members, 

“G’Day” from rainy Central Florida! That, as you would remember, is “Good Day” in Australian lingo!

From our last Update: This school year, on every other Wednesday, after the morning lesson of teaching English as a Second Language, Charlie will be teaching a Bible Study for anyone interested in staying to have the Bible Study and have pizza for lunch. Registration and classes started on September 2nd. He has been looking into teaching chronologically through the Bible, and found a course that a man we know wrote in a book called “The Lamb”. John Cross wrote the information which can be used in teaching ESL students. John is the one our son Ben went to Indonesia with many years ago when John headed up producing a video on the Taliabo people and their journey to finding Jesus Christ as their Savior. Charlie is looking forward to this teaching time, and would appreciate your prayers for him, and for more ESL students to join the class. Last year there was only a few that wanted to stay.

May 2015

Dear Team Members,

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Trust you are having beautiful weather also with NO SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You all have a SPECIAL place in our hearts, and we trust the Lord to be your constant encouragement Smile

April 2015

Dear Team Members, April 1st, 2015

Our love to you from sunny Florida with some beautiful spring weather Cool

Teaching English as a Second Language each week is fun, a challenge, and a privilege as we seek to equip these dear folk to survive here in the USA and in the years to come. I (Cherrie) am a helper to a head teacher for the beginner class. Since we are teaching under the umbrella of a Church, we are able to incorporate Bible truths for which we are thankful. I am often asked to teach the verse for the week. With Easter being this coming weekend, our verse for this week is from Mark 16:6 and what a verse that is!!!

Yes, Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins and was buried. BUT He is no longer in the grave – He arose from the dead.

WOW, what a TRUTH to convey to our students!!!! Please join us in prayer for each of these precious students that each of them will put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and become His child!!!!

February 2015

Dear Team Members, February 6th, 2015

G’Day from SUNNY FLORIDA! Crazy – as I started typing this it was 60 degrees out, but I was cold and could not get warm. Can’t complain though with the HORRENDOUS WEATHER folk in our home town area of Massachusetts have received Cry Hard to believe they got close to THREE FEET OF SNOW and MORE CONTINUES!!

Christmas 2014

Dear Team Members,

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone, but we are forever thankful for our Savior, our family, and each of you!

As we look back over 2014 we are thankful that we were able to visit our son Ben and his family in Australia, our son Ray and his family in Kansas, and our daughter Esther and her family in New York! We were also able to visit some of our extended family, and also many friends.  It was thrilling to see our newest great-grandchild Zaiden in Kansas, and newest grandson DiMaggio in New York making eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren!

November 3rd, 2014

Dear Team Members,

Greetings from cold Florida! Sure is changeable weather! At least God is not changeable and for that we are thankful. His love is constant and sure!

We had such a lovely day on Saturday. Charlie’s cousin Andrea and her husband Howie, moved to Ocala, Florida, about an hour and a half from us, and they came over for the day. We talked and looked over old photos, and laughed and laughed!

August 27, 2014

Dear Team Members, 

Our love to each of you from the Deep South and hot and humid Sanford, Florida!

Welcome to a New School Year! That sounds odd for us in our late 60’s, but it is the new school year for us “Teaching English as a Second Language” as an outreach as a volunteer! And the first time for us, so it is BACK TO SCHOOL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Charlie will be involved in two classes, one being literacy (reading and writing English) on Tuesday nights, which I know he will enjoySmile  Both of us will be involved in teaching English as a second language (speaking English) – Cherrie on Tuesday nights and Charlie on Wednesday mornings. We would appreciate your prayers for all of the staff involved (all volunteers). Up to this point in time there have been thirty seven countries represented as students! Not sure yet what countries will be represented this coming school year that starts on Tuesday September 2nd.

July 2014

July 3rd, 2014

Dear Team Members,

Greeting from hot sunny Florida where air-conditioning is MOST welcomed!

It is hard to believe that half of 2014 has gone by! Memories are SPECIAL and we thank the Lord for being able to visit “Down Under” to see our son Ben and his family, and on our way back to see our son Ray and his family in Kansas! Now this month we will get to see our daughter Esther and her family and our newest grandchild Dimaggio in New York Smile God is soooo GOOD and we thank Him for these SPECIAL times!

December 2013

Dear Team Members,

It is hard to believe we are “Down Under” at this SPECIAL time of the year!

You are ALL SPECIAL to us! How we thank the Lord for your lives and for the part you have in our lives. We know He is using you “Where He has planted you” :o) We trust Him to bless and encourage each of you now and in 2014! Please share with us any prayer requests you have so we can continue to be praying for you.

We left the USA just in time, as we have heard of the horrendous winter weather that has hit so many of you. We trust the Lord to watch over each of you around the world. It has been in the 80’s and 90’s here and ever so winter. Actually the weather has been really changeable which is probably why Charlie got sick not long after our arrival. He is some better for which we are thankful.

We are enjoying SPECIAL times with our son Ben, his wife Stephanie, and our grandchildren Jayden(14), Ashton (12), Llahna (10), and Kyan (7). What a joy it was for us to be here when Ashton and Llahna were baptized on December 8th as an outward expression of their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior. They both wanted their grandfather to be part of their baptism which was SPECIAL.

Please be praying for our son Ben with his back problems. At this writing his back has gone backwards and not doing well again. We trust the Lord to heal and give wisdom to the doctors in these days. Know Ben appreciates your prayers.

December 3, 2013

Dear Team Members,

Our love to you from the “Land Down Under!” We trust this finds you well and encouraged in the Lord!

We arrived safely in Australia at 11:30AM last Wednesday to waves, smiles and hugs as Ben, Stephanie, and our four happy, talkative grandchildren welcomed us home for three months. We hadn’t even got all the way down the exit ramp from Immigration when the two youngest grandchildren, Llahna and Kyan, ran to us with out-stretched arms!!!!!

It was a fairly comfortable flight though exhausting. We say fairly as from the time we flew out of Kansas until we disembarked in Sydney it was 28hours! I (Cherrie) dozed some, but Charlie did not sleep a wink. My low back and legs have really suffered so would appreciate your prayers. I was pleased to have my collapsible walking cane with me. Actually we were up about 43 hours before crashing and sleeping soundly in the absolutely lovely, comfortable, relaxing granny flat (in-law flat for our American friends) that friends John and Vicky Lamplough are sharing with us here in Valley Heights, NSW. WHAT A THRILL TO WAKE UP TO THE SOUND OF KUKKABURRAS LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 2013

Dear Team Members,

The time is soon at hand for us to make our way back home to Australia to see our son Ben and his family living there and visit co-workers and friends. In our minds our arrival in February 1973 seems only yesterday! BUT of course our bodies tell us otherwise, especially now that we have two great-grandchildren!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for the part you have in our lives. God bless each of you so much!

We start driving to Kansas on November 13th to see our son Ray and his family and of course our newest great-grandchild who we have not yet seen. Our daughter Esther and family live in Poughkeepsie, New York, so our children are spread around the world. We are thankful that Esther’s pregnancy is going well! Recently she has had a BAD cold so know she would appreciate your prayers for good health these days. She is due mid-May.

October 2013

STOP PRESS: GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our daughter Esther and her husband Ricky are expecting another baby around May 18th, 2014! We are SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Team Members,

How we thank the Lord for the part you have in our lives not only in the past, but also now.

Thank you so much for your part in our lives. Thank you so much for your prayers. Without prayer, neither you nor we would be effective!!!!

Just this past week Connie Cain, who is one of our elderly retirees had to be admitted to the hospital and stints were put in to help with his ongoing heart problems. Up until now the doctors refused to do this due to his already severe bad health. Family thought Connie would not be with us much longer, BUT GOD spared his life and gave Connie more time to be with us here on earth. Connie and his wife Mary have a BIG part in the Prison Ministry that Cherrie is involved in. How thankful we are for his improved health!

September 2013

Dear Team Members,
G’Day from central Florida! We haven’t seen any alligators lately – just mosquitoes and hot weather. Not quite sure how we coped many years ago without central air-conditioning!

GREAT NEWS: Our 2nd Great Grandchild was born August 29th to Charles and Shawna Case. Zaiden Alexander Case – 7 lbs 15 oz 21 ½ inches long! All are doing fine. Of course I can hear Charlie saying “It is good to be a Great Grandfather, but not sure about being married to a Great Grandmother!”

August 2013

July 30th, 2013

Dear Team Members,

Our love to each of you across the miles.  We thank the Lord for each of you and trust Him to bless and encourage each of you day by day.

Since mid-June we have felt more retired even though we are becoming more involved again here at our New Tribes Mission Retirement Village.  We are helping as receptionists at various times answering the phone and being there for folk at the main desk in our Assisted Living Building.  Charlie is also helping with Notary Public needs, helping when our Chaplain is away, being on call as needed, and teaching our adult Sunday School Classes at Victory Baptist Church.  Cherrie has also started helping on Wednesday mornings in a Prison Ministry correcting the Bible Study papers prisoners are doing and is really enjoying that.  We continue to trust the Lord to guide us day by day.