Dear Ones,

“The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.” Proverbs 16.9

We have enjoyed our NTM Central Area conference here at headquarters, getting to know some folk we hadn’t met, co-workers in this tremendous task God has sent us all here to do – reach the tribes of this part of Papua New Guinea. Reports from the various works were very encouraging and challenging at the same time.

Our goal of spending time with the believers in our Hamtai village and sorting our stuff and clearing out our house there will take place in a different way from what we had planned. I was not looking forward to driving over the deteriorating road to our village. Someone had suggested the helicopter, at least for Corinne’s sake, but this seemed well outside our budget. However, our leaders encouraged us to do it and they decided to help by making our flight the conference project to give to. So with some help we will be able to take the 1 hour flight in the NTM helicopter instead of enduring the 12 hour journey over two days! Mike, our pilot, has an opening on this Wednesday the 9th. So God willing, he will take us right to our village and land on the basketball court near our house, and we are both really looking forward to the flight.

Please pray for good weather that day and a good flight, with enough supplies for perhaps 10 days. Pray also for a good time of fellowship and teaching with our believers as we say a sad goodbye to them. We will see some of them again at the dedication, but for some, this will be it. Mike will return to get us on the 21st or perhaps sooner. Then on the 26th we will drive to the site of the dedication of our Hamtai New Testament, which is in a closer village.

Just wanted to get this much to you now.

Rejoicing in the God we serve,

Tom and Corinne