Furlough 2016

We left Tucson in late May to begin our summer travels. We have meetings booked in most of our churches for Sundays and Wednesdays, but we would love to reconnect with as many of you as possible during the week if you wish.

Please pray for safety as we travel… there’s some crazy drivers out there!


Bethany will be joining us for most of the summer travels. We are looking forward to being together again. By the way, we need to purchase a small economical car for Bethany to have at Liberty University this coming year. She will need one to complete practicum hours in local schools. We now (as of 5/4) have a child who is 20 years old! Time sure does fly!

The rest of the kids are excited to be done with school (Laurel too) and on summer vacation. Even with being in the car so much, they are looking forward to the time away.

God’s blessing to us!

In February we started looking for a van. Ours had 150,000+ miles on it and Paul was not comfortable adding approximately 12,000 miles more with our full summer coming up. Paul can fix the cars, but with so many meetings this summer, there is no time for breakdowns! The dealer shared that the van had some minor mechanical issues, which would lower the price. We had been praying and felt like we should go ahead and purchase. We sold our van and had some donations come in which enabled us to pay the total amount for the new van! This is the nicest car we have ever had. How God has spoiled us! When you see us, ask how God blinded the eyes of the mechanics in the shop to give us this van!
It is not a coincidence how we got this blessing!

Paul’s babies… umm…I mean planes:

Paul and Tony (co-worker) diligently worked to have all the planes inspected and ready for service while both of our families are gone for the summer. We sure do appreciate your prayers for smooth flying and safety of our pilots and planes. Paul always worries when he is away, and if he could fix a plane long-distance, he would! Actually, sometimes he is doing it over the phone…maybe that counts!