Hi everyone!

I just finished my second week here at the Eva M. Russell School and am so excited about what God is doing! I already have 15 girls signed up to begin Bible study classes on Wednesday and have 5 volunteers to help. What a great answer to prayer! We will begin our Bible study by talking about the widow who gave her only two coins as an offering at the temple. The Bible talks about her in Mark 12 and Luke 21. Please be praying for God to be glorified through our study on Wednesday!

I also wanted to share that I finally have a mailing address set up! The mail system is privatized here in the Dominican Republic and isn’t completely trustworthy. So here’s the journey my mail will take from your house to mine:

  • Send mail to the address in Florida below:

Unit 3049 KAIDR
3170 Airmans Dr.
Ft. Pierce, FL 34946

  • This is an address for MFI (Missionary Flights International) which is a non-profit organization that works to improve mail communication for missionaries in the Caribbean. 
  • MFI will put my mail on a plane to the Dominican Republic every 2 weeks.
  • My mail will arrive on the northern part of the island and will be picked up by Kids Alive missionaries there.
  • Kids Alive missionaries will take my mail, along with mail for any other Monte Plata missionaries, and package it in a box. That box will be sent by bus to Santo Domingo (approx. 2 hours away).
  • One of my supervisors or another Monte Plata missionary will drive to Santo Domingo to get our box of mail. This is about an hour drive one-way, so two hours total. 

**Please be aware of this: I am paying for this MFI service out of my monthly missionary account. Delivery of all letters of any size are included in that cost. However, packages of any kind are weighed when they arrive in Florida and my MFI account is charged an additional $1.50 per pound to deliver packages to me. So please take this into consideration before mailing me anything that weighs a significant amount! If you would like to ship me something heavy, please email me first to confirm that I have enough money in my MFI account to have it delivered! I greatly appreciate your help! 🙂

Does this process make you thankful for USPS, or what?! It will likely take 3-4 weeks for a letter to make it from your house to mine. I’ve been amazed at how long it takes to accomplish simple things here. Filling my washing machine with water three times yesterday was exhausting! But God is continuing to give me patience!

My address is listed below. I would love to receive letters here! Anything that reminds me of home is a welcome blessing!

I’m praying for you all often! Thank you for your continued support!

Kristin Barber