It is hard to believe that we have already been back in Europe for almost 3 months. I guess it is easier to believe, however, when considering we have moved 11 different times and lived out of suitcases for two months! Due to the length of time it has taken to secure an apartment contract (September 1, 2016), we are having difficulty getting our visa extended in time for Elise to have the freedom to travel out of Slovakia in October for a business trip on October 2nd. Please pray the Foreign Police would process our paperwork QUICKLY.



Speaking of adjustments and moving, continue to pray that Ryan and Summer find just the right place and jobs that God would have for them as they settle back into life in America after being in China. They are enjoying being back in Southern California and are living with Summer’s parents while they make job inquiries. Bret has gone on several recruiting trips with the Basketball coaches at ETBU as the graduate assistant and is having a good time scouting potential new players. He has also begun classes for his Master’s degree. Continue to pray for them as they adjust to their jobs, classwork, and being a married couple.


Trey and Elise have been able to make some visits to those whom they supervise in Poland and Czech Republic as well as to ministry partners in Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are excited about the many opportunities God has opened up for us and our personnel in these countries and ask that all of us would boldly walk through the open doors He is providing. We look forward to sharing the details in our next newsletter!

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