Dear praying friends,

          Greetings from Lapilo, the centre where Rhesa, Bobby and girls live.  We have already been here for 5 full days, and it has taken that long for us to move all our email addresses from a Word document on an USB and retype them all onto Bobby’s computer.  (Thank you Bobby).  We made the decision NOT to carry a computer with us, which has had its draw backs, but I was quite thankful to have one less item to care for as we travelled.

Thank you for praying for our trip.  Doug did quite well, and apart from having to pay excess on one suitcase from CNS to Goroka, we made it in good stead.  On each flight (we travelled on four different planes between 10.00 pm Friday and 6.00 pm Saturday) there was someone who offered to help Doug with his hand luggage, and the flight attendants moved us further up the front on each flight, making it easier for Doug to board and disembark.  God is good.  Passing through the Visa, Immigration, Customs and Transhipping our cases at Port Moresby went far better and quicker than anyone could have anticipated, and we were in plenty of time for our connecting flight onto Madang.

We were in Wewak for nearly 2 weeks, and during that time, we had some good visits with our two Owininga language helpers who were waiting at the Iteri airstrip for their flight (after a 3 ½ days of hiking), and they worked hard and diligently as Hope Sharp worked with us, to revise the Owininga literacy course.  Another NTM lady came and typed up the lesson plans for the teachers, simultaneously, which was an added blessing.

So, by the time we left Wewak, Thursday 20th September, Hope had guided us through the revision of 3 primers, and helped us compile 3 readers.  I am also working on retyping some library books for the Owininga people.  While here at Lapilo (just out of Goroka) I still have quite a bit of proof reading to do, before these books go to print.

The weekend before we came to the Highlands (Lapilo), Raylea celebrated her 16th birthday, and was Cinderella, in a musical theatre that the school put on  “The Return of the Glass Slipper”.  Our first night here, we sat and watched the video of the musical, and were proud and impressed with the play, and delighted to see all four of our granddaughters playing their parts.

This week we have been helping Rhesa get more of the house sorted and organized, after they had spent a weekend, making an extra bedroom in their home.  Now, we are ready for some table games, working on jigsaw puzzles, etc.  Last night we were all invited to some friends where we enjoyed a great meal and good time of fellowship – Friday Doug and I will be visiting the centre for the Highlands region – and last Saturday we spent the day at the Highlands Conference, which was held at a conference centre some 30 minutes drive from here.  We have had quite a bit of rain, and the roads which aren’t sealed where VERY muddy and slippery, and much of the sealed roads are nothing but pot holes…   so an interesting trip…  and a reminder of what we experienced many times in the past.

Doug has been traveling exceptionally well – until today..  he is a little ‘fluish’ and resting much of the time.  He is so enjoying being here, having time with his granddaughters, and their dog – Raj.  All going to plan, we leave here Oct. 10th, flying as far as Port Moresby, then onto Cairns October 11th, and home to Perth, October 15th.  Thank you to all who have and are praying, and all praise to the Lord for making this trip possible.

Lovingly – Doug and Bev