Snippets from the mission field


The Lord opened up a door to take some of our Bible teaching resources to a pastors’ conference this week. What a great group of people. Some of them have been serving the Lord for many years. It was an honour to get to know many of them, and the books they purchased will strengthen them in God’s Word. There’s nothing quite like being in a large group of believers. It’s kind of like practicing for Heaven. We’ve had another invitation from a group that wants us to come and teach their pastors through our first course in November. Please pray as we form a team and work out all the logistics for getting there.
His name is Steve, an electrician, drunk and wife beater. When working on an electrical project here, we had over for lunch. He mentioned that he was frightened of death and didn’t know where he would spend eternity. Eventually, he bought our first course and started studying it with his wife. God saved them both! He shared that he hasn’t had a drink in 3 months, and that God has saved his marriage. God has made a big change in their lives. Pray for their growth.

Amazing night, amazing grace!
I had the privilege of interviewing the students from Paul’s class. They all completed Course One and gave wonderful testimonies of salvation. The 3 of us doing the interviews were rejoicing at God’s amazing love. Four people in the photo are from one family. Paul is in the red shirt in the back and the woman to the right is Margaret who helps Kaula teach (yellow in the front). Kaula led Paul to Christ so these are her spiritual grandchildren. Pray for their continued growth.

This is an oil painting I finished this afternoon.