Paul and Tony are repainting the hangar floor. They had this special floor paint that was purchased a while ago and was going to go bad, so the job had to be done. It’s not a simple job… everything gets shifted from one side of the hangar to the other as they can only paint one side at a time. Then it dries for 5 days and everything gets shifted again so the other side can get painted. Paul sure is glad that job is done! Now they have FOUR annual inspections that need to be completed by December! This is the inspection where the plane is disassembled, every part checked, and then put back together again! Each inspection takes concentrated effort for days at a time, so please pray for keen eyes and focus.


We made it home with no car problems, no accidents, and no murders! Thank you for praying. We loved seeing each of you…however, packing that muchinto 2 1/2 months is plain crazy! Alongwith school starting we have been working around the house to fix things and re-organize. Bethany was home 3 weeks and was a huge help. She cleared out closets (our house has no basement, no garage, and you can’t use the attic because of the heat… so think MAJOR storage in closets!) We carted loads, multiple loads, out of this house! Feels so good to have “stuff” gone! Most went to the Green Bin at FCA.

Bethany found a car to use for her practicum work, so that was a huge answer to prayer. By the way, she is looking for another job. She works at Liberty’s snow mountain, but the manual labor of it is rough, the freezing temps in winter about kill her, and the pay isn’t that great. It’s a job though, so she will faithfully work as she looks for something else the Lord may provide. The kids are happy to be in school. They all like the routine and the social aspect. I think they are actually nerds (which according to Gabriel means smart and hunky ) Me, well, I am keeping busy as usual. That’s how you say it right? I’m not sure that “busy” is a good word to use . Life is full of blessings and challenges. I’m sure glad the Lord gives me strength.


Faith Christian Academy is going to have its first ever Mission Trip! Donations in the green bin are weighed and funds raised will go toward financing the trip. Did you know, FCA started in 2010 with 5 students? Now, 6 years later we have 35 students (6-12 grade)… a 700% growth! That growth has been scary, but I remind myself that God is sending us the exact kids that we are supposed to impact for him! FCA is the only Bible-based middle-high school within a 45 minute drive. In December, our Seniors (Matthew & Pedro) are flying to Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa for 3 weeks! Theywill be living with a missionary family, experiencing and assisting with ministry in conditions where they will not have electricity or even running water at times! If you would like more info on the trip, Matthew can send you his support raising letter. Will you please pray for them? If you would like to give toward this trip, tax deductible gifts can be sent to FCA at 2555 W. Valencia Rd. Tucson, AZ 85746. Please put in the memo “Mission Trip.”