Dear friends,

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers! The last few weeks have been fun, as we celebrated a few birthdays here at Hoskins and also the 40th anniversary of Papua New Guinea’s independence! There were parties happening in the villages around us for the entire week last week! A few of us missionaries went to see some traditional singing and dancing. It’s always a sight to see everyone in their brightly colored costumes and to see their unique routines. It was also fun to see various musical instruments which the singers were using. My favorite was the huge conch shell which was blown intermittently throughout the one group’s performance!


Apart from the occasional burst of excitement outside my 4 walls, my days in the office are much the same—spending 8 hours+ at a day working on Bible translation. Although it is not very photo-worthy, for me it is exciting as I see God’s Word begin to come alive in the Mengen language! I’m thankful and VERY encouraged these days, to be making good progress. It is a huge amount of work and many days my brain feels tired, but I recognize the Lord’s grace in providing good health and strength each day to perform the task which He has given to me. At the moment, I have rough drafts laid out for Galatians, Philippians, Colossians and 2 Corinthians.

This Saturday, 2 of our Mengen friends will be coming out here to help me in the next step of translating these books. It will be a huge undertaking, so pray that the Lord would keep us all well and healthy and that we will be able to make good progress. I’m pretty sure we won’t be able to finish everything that I have prepared, but I’d love to see at least a couple of the books done and am trusting the Lord to do “more than we can hope or imagine.”

Edward and his wife Francesca will be coming here, along with a couple of their children. Edward is one of the main Bible teachers in our village and he has had a busy and stressful year. I’m praying that this time here at Hoskins will be refreshing and encouraging for this young couple in spite of the translation work we are hoping to do!!

At the end of October, I will finally have co-workers here in PNG again. Please pray for the Laureti family as they say their goodbyes and head back across the ocean again. It will be another adjustment for their 4 kids, so pray that the Lord would help them during this time of transition.

As for Flanagans, they are getting settled into their new ministry at the New Tribes Bible College in England. Pray too for their adjustment and that the Lord would open the doors for them to soon return to PNG.

Wrights are also keeping busy at home. Dave continues to work on Bible lessons and other materials for the Mengen church. Judy is working part-time at a hospital and the kids are all busy also. Katie and Andrew are heading into their last year of Bible College! Pray for them as they having to write a huge doctrinal paper this month.

As for Keri, she continues to serve at home in California. She is also helping to translate Bible lessons and will be checking my Bible translation once it gets to that stage! Such a huge blessing!!

Thanks so much for your faithful prayers for me. I appreciate each and every one of you.

With praise to the King,