Labor Day Greetings 2015 from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

We hope that your Labor Day was enjoyable and safe. We spent the weekend with a group of people from a church that has supported us for 21 years.

September is a big month for us in decisions that will be made about our future ministry. We need for you to please pray about this.

As many of you know, we voted with our ABWE Papua New Guinea (PNG) field council to close the aviation program. This decision was made due to lack of personnel to run that ministry. An airplane has many costs associated with it, even if the airplane is not flown. Our ABWE Aviation Administrator decided that it was time to sell the airplane. So, we sold the airplane in February 2014.

Our visa and work structure that was approved by the PNG government was our permission to live and work in PNG. My position was to work as a pilot church planter. We saw God closing that aviation ministry that we had worked in for 20 years. This government permission is now no longer valid.

Now the questions keep coming at us, “What are you going to do now?” Our answer is that we will be involved in doing our regular home furlough ministry work for the next year. This is our regular time of reporting to all of our supporters here in the USA. We plan to be back in Missouri during the winter months reporting to our supporters in that area. Then in the early spring, we will be back in North Carolina finishing up reporting to the churches that we have not been able to schedule a meeting with.

We have been checking into the ABWE WORD Ministry. This type of ministry will allow us to translate English material into the Pidgin language of PNG. We would be based here in the USA doing this type of work. This would actually expand the scope of our ministry as these materials will be reaching out to the entire country of PNG.

This is where your prayers are needed. We have made the proposal for us to assist our ABWE PNG field council through the ABWE WORD Ministry. The PNG field coordinator has agreed to put this on the next meeting agenda. That meeting is scheduled at the end of this month. The field council will decide if they want us to pursue this type of ministry or not. Please pray that God would clearly show us a closed door if this is not the ministry that He wants us to be a part of. Thank you for praying about this!

Steve is still under doctor care following his carpal tunnel syndrome surgeries. The surgery on his right hand has not taken care of the problem. The pain has not decreased and the numbness has not gone away from his fingers. He is getting treatment to try to relieve these symptoms. The doctor wants to do more nerve testing and possibly more surgery. We will know more after Steve’s first appoint on November 3rd in Kansas City, MO.

Thank you for your continued support through your prayers and financial giving. We are in the process of updating our support status with our ABWE home office.

Thank you also for your prayers as we travel to different supporting churches each Sunday. God has been answering with safety for the 3,000 miles that we had logged so far.

Listening for the trump and praying,
Steve and Sandy Aholt