Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for your faithful prayers and support. I appreciate each and every one of you. These have been interesting days for me, on many levels and I’m so encouraged to know that you are standing behind me in prayer!

HEALTH: Over the past several months, I have struggled with an old back injury and then continuing bouts of numbness and tingling in my limbs and spine. After corresponding with both a chiropractor at home and also our doctor here in PNG, they both agree that I have a herniated or at least bulging disk in my neck. My back is also very tender, so I’m not sure what’s going on there. Hopefully this will clear up on its own over the next few months, but for now, it is pretty annoying. Thankfully it’s not painful, but just gives me little “electric shocks” whenever I bend my neck. Makes it difficult to work on a computer or even go downstairs without looking!


MINISTRY: You may remember that I am working hard to complete 7 books of the New Testament at the moment. I have been able to basically finish 3 of them and the others ones are in progress. It has been a joy to see my Mengen helpers responses as they hear God’s Word in their own language. None of these books have been taught yet, so the info is relatively new to them. All 7 of my helpers have gone away thrilled and full of joy, which makes my work so sweet!!

TRAVEL: Next week, my co-workers and I will be heading out for a month, to have a bit of a break, and also give the church here a chance to continue on their own for awhile. Thankfully I have lots of work to take with me, so no doubt I’ll continue to put in some long hours! It will be nice to have a chance of scenery and hopefully some uninterrupted work time!

RANDOM: One major prayer request right now is regarding my credit card. I have a friend who is in the USA and planning on leaving to return to PNG on Sunday. I am hoping that she’ll be able to hand-carry my new credit card with her. We only have 2 days to get it to her, so please pray that the card would arrive safe and sound before my friend leaves. Otherwise it will be a huge hassle to have to put a block on it and then get a new card issued. Thanks.

Have a blessed weekend!