Thank you for your prayers for safety for us as we fly into dangerous airstrips. We saw those prayers demonstrated in April when one of our team members landed hard on a remote mountain airstrip in a Huichol village. On the flight were five Huichol Indians that were returning to their village after Bible camp. We thank God that everyone walked away without a scratch, although the airplane did not fare so well.

To say, “our guys went down to retrieve the plane,” just does not describe it for you! First they had to think through, and gather, all the tools and equipment they would need to disassemble the plane. Then there was a two-day drive to Tepic. The trip from Tepic to the airstrip where the event happened takes only 24 minutes by plane, but driving one way on the mountainous bush roads took 12 hours!

Can you imagine taking an airplane apart, and then piece by piece loading it onto two trucks and a trailer? After three nights and four days that job was done and the harrowing trip back down the maountain to Tepic began. The plane was taken to Chihuahua where it had to remain until the paperwork was received to transport it back to Tucson. On July 11th, a battered 52Q finally arrived back in Tucson!

Family News

Bethany has completed he time at Word of Life camp near Berlin, Germany. Next she heads to Bibelschule Brake where she will be working with the first year class. At this point, due to the Ebola virus outbreak in West Aftrica, she may be remaining in Germany the whole time.
The other kids started back to school on August 4th. Matthew will begin his college classes this year through a program with Faith Christian Academy, where I (Laurel) am still acting Administrator. Gabriel is in 7th, Miriam in 5th and Jess started Kindegarten! It seems I am moving into t a new stage of life with no little ones home.

Paul’s dad is slowly and steadily recovering from his reconstruction surgery. Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement for him.
Paul has been swamped with his airplaned. You know, they are like his children, right? Each plane has a name, its own story, and needs tender loving care. Well, intricate mechanical care anyway! Paul is thorough in his work but please keep praying for him as he keeps the planes up to standards. He says, pray that he doesn’t miss seeing what he should!

Specific Needs

  • Matthew and Gabriel both need braces. If you wish to give toward this need, send any donation to the UIM address and designate it: Timblin Braces Project.
  • We need a Promotions Director who would basically be the one to promote UIM Aviation. You do not need aviation experience as we are not going to put you to work on the planes! You do need talking skills to share what UIM Aviation is all about. If you are interested in knowing more, please give us a call.
  • We need table sponsors for the UIMA Dinner on September 27th. $300 covers the cost for 10 people, allowing thme to hear and possibly support this ministry. Want to be a table sponsor?