Dear family and friends,

Greetings to you from sunny FloridaSmile

Happy Labor Day to you! Brad and I actually have the day off of work! When we lived overseas, we only took off work for holidays which were celebrated in that particular country. Brad did not have to go into his office to work today and I did do not have any students to teach as the school is closed for the day. Brad is in his office here at home doing some scanning of photographs. He wants to have all of his old photos scanned and in digital form on his computer and therefore more easily accessible. He already has all of his slides in digital format and now wants to do the same with his photographs. Since Brad has taken a whole lot of photos over the years, as well as collected miscellaneous family photos, it is a project that will take some time to complete. It seems to be a relaxing thing for him to do on his day off.

We are well into our new school year. I am teaching math to first and second grade students which I have done for several years already. Most of my time though is now spent teaching fifth grade students. I start out the morning with our “fabulous five” with a short Bible lesson. We then move into English. English includes grammar and writing. We have already completed the first grammar chapter on sentences and are into our first writing assignment. My students have completed their rough draft of a comparison essay. They are now working on revising and editing. They chose some interesting topics to write about. The essay comparing and contrasting burrowing owls and barn owls is quite interesting. I am learning new things about the Audi R8 and the Camaro SS. We have covered the introductory material in our History and Geography class and my students are excited about learning new things about the ancient Middle East. They have done well on the first 3 spelling lists. The theme of our spelling words has been mountains, caves, and volcanoes. Learning is taking place!

Brad now has his new CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. It seems to be working well for him. The sleep study was done, evaluations made and the machine was ordered. Brad picked up his new CPAP machine in Orlando and is now using it each night when he sleeps. He has been corresponding with the insurance company to get the billing squared away for both the sleep study and the purchase of the new machine. He is still working on all of this.

Brad has been spending some afternoons each week on the tractor as he pulls the bush hog along behind to keep the grass and weeds mowed. The 30 acre undeveloped lot here on the NTM Homes property is looking well groomed these days. After checking with one of the maintenance guys here, Brad has volunteered to help out on smaller projects as time allows. In other words, once he finishes up with his finance office responsibilities, he has a bit of “spare” time on his hands and wants to help out the team here. Of course his finance office responsibilities take priority, but there are slower times of the month when his main work can be completed during the morning hours in the office. He is glad to be able to be up and moving, as sitting in a chair behind a computer for long stretches of time can become rather tedious.

Last month Bible teaching began in the Pal tribe in Papua New Guinea. The teaching “haus” is overflowing! The missionaries have been told that the people are gathered because they are hungry (for this “talk”/message) and to give them the good food that will satisfy. Brad and I personally know some of the missionaries on this team and would like you to join us in prayer for these people. They have been in spiritual darkness for way too long. Our enemy is not happy that they will soon be hearing the gospel message. It will take days, weeks, and maybe even months to get to the saving message of the gospel with these folks.

Please pray:

  • I am still getting to know some of my students. Please pray that I will be able to figure out how they best learn and how I can come along side of them to teach them as well as mentor them.
  • Teaching English at this higher grade level is something new for me. I have more lesson preparation to do to get ready for my daily teaching sessions.
  • Brad works with many different ones during the day. This includes NTM Homes staff members, leaders and administrators, and retired missionaries who reside here. He needs God’s wisdom to do his job.
  • Brad desires to do his job well. This means attending to details, contacting creditors, etc. Please pray that he will be a good ambassador for the Lord as he makes phone calls, converses with people, pays bills, and works at his computer.
  • The missionaries working in PNG with the Pal people group need our prayers. Pray for clarity of thought and speech as they teach daily. Pray for protection, health, unity and strength. Pray for open and receptive hearts in the listeners.

We are thankful for you! We appreciate the part you play in our lives as we minister in this little corner of God’s harvest fields.

By His grace,

Wanda (and Brad) Hull