Hello everyone!

Hanging out after school

How thankful I am to have the opportunity to write to you tonight from my new home in Monte Plata! I have only lived here for a little over a week but I can tell that God was preparing a place here for me for months and years before my arrival. I am completely moved into my new home, which is a house at the back of the school property. I have a Dominican roommate who is a product of the ministry and now works here at the school in the kitchen. She is wonderful and is a huge answer to prayer.

Starting next week I will begin my major responsibilities here with the ministry. I will begin teaching an after-school Bible study for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls at our school on Wednesday, September 11. Please thank God for this opportunity and pray for the planning, preparation, and hearts involved. The class will be held every other Wednesday for now but I am hoping to have some sort of extra event every month or so with the girls as well. I am excited about the opportunity to mentor some of the younger women here. Please pray also that God would provide other women to help me since there are about 30 girls who will be invited.

I will also begin holding after-school professional development classes for the teachers here at the school. My main focus is math curriculum and instruction with some classroom discipline and management help mixed in as well. I thought I would be teaching English here at the school when I arrived but have since seen the hugely overwhelming need for improved math instruction and the school director believes that this would be the most effective use of my time. During the school day, I will be in and out of classroom modeling lessons for teachers, assisting their math instruction, and pulling small groups of students for additional interventions. Please pray for me as I set up this schedule with the teachers and that teachers would be open to my help and suggestions. I am walking a fine line between wanting to help and not wanting to completely “Americanize” the culture of teaching and instruction here. Pray for wisdom in this area.

Thank you all for your continued support through prayers (they are felt), encouraging emails, and your financial gifts. You are huge parts of the ministry here and I want you to know that you are prayed for often. Those of us teachers who work here and the students who go to school here are well aware of the fact that no ministry happens here without the hand of God guiding and enabling it, and we know that He uses you to enable this work. We thank God for you often.

Please feel free to write back and tell me about your life or ask me questions! My internet connectivity is somewhat improved now that I’m settled here and although I may not be able to respond right away, I will respond eventually!

Also, please visit my blog for more updates! I’ve updated it twice since I arrived here. Una Maestra Con Una Misión There’s more pictures there.

En Cristo (In Christ),
Kristin (pronounced Kree-steen by my Dominican friends and students)