I trust that this mail will find you in good health and enjoying the goodness of the Lord. I want to share with you what the Lord is doing in my life and ministry, and invite you to partner with me as we continue to press on to see the Great Commission fulfilled.
I have recently completed the Principle of Children and Youth Ministry School (PCYM) in Youth With A Mission, Puerto Rico. The school has better equipped me to work with children, adolescents and youths. It gave me a better understanding of God’s vision for children, and provided me with more experience of working in camps. The training really helped my own personal growth, and character development, which are essential in working with youths and other ministry.
The Lord has been speaking to me that this is to be a season of training for me, to prepare me for the mission God has placed me on. My mission statement is to “Equip others who will mobilize and disciple children and youths with seeds of truths, so they will be salt and light in the market place, therefore bringing the Kingdom wherever they go”.

My plan is to be returning to Puerto Rico by September 18th, to learn some Administrative details for PCYM, Kings Kids Ministry International and NIKO Camp. The purpose is to be able to multiply these discipleship tools with excellence in Jamaica and beyond.
NIKO is a greek word that means to persevere until you reach the goal. This is a survival training course with the idea of bringing each person to their limits so they can acquire character. It’s a tool to develop team work, a heart of a servant, and leadership.
I am seeking your partnership through prayer, giving financially, or being a voice for me, by getting others to partner with me. Would you prayerfully consider being a part of my team? Right now, I need to raise U.S.$2,000 for airfare, accommodation and personal items to continue my training.
Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is a non-profit organization with over seventeen thousand full-time workers and twenty thousand short termed workers in one hundred and sixty nations committed to fulfilling the great commission in this generation. All YWAM staff is responsible to raise their own support through the financial gifts of friends, family and churches who believe in their ministry. Please feel free to ask me any question you might have concerning anything that I have shared in this mail. I look forward to hearing from you no matter what your response might be.
Ingrid Smith