This month is our twenty-ninth year of service with New Tribes Mission. Where did the years go?

There has been a lot of water over the dam and as we reminisce of our time in Papua New Guinea, we ask ourselves, “How did we do it?” Had it not been for the grace of God and people like you standing with us, we probably would not have survived. I feel so blessed to know that even now, as we go through trials, we have an army of prayer warriors lifting us up before our Lord and Savior.

 People often sarcastically comment that it must be rough living in Hawaii. Actually, along with the sunny weather, other than being expensive, it is quite nice. Because Pearl Harbor where American involvement in WWII started is here, another thing I have enjoyed is the military ceremonies. On Memorial Day, as a family we attended the touching ceremony at Punchbowl National Cemetery where all the 50,000 graves are honorably decorated with American Flags and flowered leis. September 2nd was the 68th anniversary ceremony of the end of WWII which Joan and I attended. The third Friday in September is our national day of recognition for our POW and MIAs. Having discovered in PNG a missing airplane with a four-man crew, this ceremony is close to my heart.


News from PNG has been encouraging. The last team we supplied reported that in July, 25 more believers were baptized which included many teenagers. Another team recently had 40 to 50 people become believers after months of hearing the Bible taught to them. Reports like these are common and hopefully encouraging for you as you have played a vital part in these people coming to know the Lord.


Other news from the town we used to live in is not so encouraging. After elections were recently held, a store was looted and the owner, a friend of ours ended up shooting and killing an intruder. A Shotgun blast was returned hitting him and his wife. While being evacuated by helicopter, another fight broke out and a local man was killed by a machete wound and others wounded. This is the environment many missionaries find themselves in so please continue to pray for their safety.


Again, we are blessed and grateful for you and your partnership.


Because He said, “GO,” 

Mark and Joan