Hello everyone!

Thank you for your continued prayers and emails of encouragement! I am continuing to settle into my life here and am finding a routine and a rhythm for each week. I finally know how to actually “live” here – for example, I know how to get clean water to my house, I know how to clean the fruits and veggies I buy at roadside fruit stands, I know where to buy the best chicken, I know how to do my laundry and hang it to dry before the rain comes each afternoon, I know that I can stop by Luz and Lucy’s house anytime I want for a cup of coffee, and I know who to talk to at school if I need paper, some pencils, or a bottle of glue. It feels great to have these things figured out!


On Saturday night at church I met another American who is here in Monte Plata receiving language training with the Peace Corps. She was so relieved to meet another American in our city and I invited her and her Dominican roommate over for dinner the next evening. Then Sunday morning I met another American who lives here. She teaches English at a local community center and has been here since January. Her mom was in town and I invited them to dinner as well. So on Sunday night my roommate and I ended up hosting dinner for 8 people in our home. It felt strange to have more Americans at the dinner table than Dominicans! I don’t think that either of the American women are Christians, so you can pray that God uses our relationship to draw them closer to Himself. One asked for a copy of the Bible in Spanish to help her as she’s learning, which of course I was happy to provide!

Please take a minute to read my blog where I recently wrote about a couple exciting evenings that I’ve had in the past week. Una Maestra con una Misión

Finally, please keep the Kids Alive missionaries in the Dominican Republic in your prayers this weekend as we all travel from all over the island to meet in Jarabacoa. I will be there Friday – Sunday, meeting with Kids Alive leaders and spending some time with the other missionaries in their homes. I will also get to see two other ministry sites, one in Jarabacoa and the other in Caraballo where we are stopping on the way to the meeting. Please pray for safety for all of us as we travel and for God to bless our time together.

I thank God for your faithful prayers and financial support! Thank you!

In Christ,