Dear friends,

Thanks so much for your prayers for me over the last 2 crazy weeks. I feel a bit shell-shocked as it was just 11 days ago when I was medivaced out of our tribe and flown all the way to Australia. The Lord has certainly answered many prayers over these last few days and has gone before and paved the way.

My time in the hospital was very positive and the neurologist was very helpful. We actually became friends in the short time I was there and I am grateful to the Lord for the doctors and physical therapists who got me on my feet again. Thankfully I had almost 48 hours of “normalcy” before I had to fly around the world. In that short time I was able to get over the “jet lag” feeling of being in a hospital and to connect with the real world again. It definitely was a transition time for me and I was feeling pretty frail and shaky for a few days. Praise the Lord for the kindness of strangers who took my friend Sien and I into their home and helped us so much. They were kind and helpful and didn’t mind that I slept many hours while I was there with them!! Thankfully the morning of my flight I woke up feeling well and strong and my journey home went smoothly.

Today I stopped by for a minute to see my doctor. My mom had already scheduled an appointment for me to see her, but she wanted copies of all my medical records so she can be prepared when she sees me on Monday. Her plan is to refer me to the emergency neurological team in our area so that I can be seen by a specialist very quickly. Sounds like she’s on top of it, and I grateful that I don’t have to wait around too long before getting some treatment.

Thanks again for all your love and prayers and support. I have had a tremendous outpouring of emails and notes via Facebook and have been so blessed and encouraged by you all.

Much love,