Palmers’ Independence Day Update – Sept. 16

Dear Friends and Family,

I don’t know where all the years (and decades) have gone. Today is Papua New Guinea’s 38th birthday. Also, today I just wanted to write a note saying how thankful I am to the Lord for allowing me to be here on this important anniversary of mine. It was 60 years ago today that I, when I was single, arrived in my adopted country which was then called T.P.N.G. (Territory of Papua & New Guinea).

My, the memories that rush through my mind. As I was taken by Ed Erke up the road to his house at Slate Creek, I exclaimed with the little Spanish I know, “Donde esta el camino.” (Where is the road!?) Of course Ed didn’t understand, or perhaps he did. Anyway, it was my introduction to NG roads.


From Slate Creek I walked with newly found partner, Peter Banfield, to Rising Sun. As I review the Lord’s hand on my life in so many ways I can only sing, “Great is Thy Faithfulness!” Living with Chuck and Jean Driver for the first couple of years afforded me a good chance to be discipled by our field leader for the work ahead of me and others of our small team. As I pondered all this I thanked the Lord for them. Another thing Corinne and I have been reminded of many times, is the faithfulness of those who have prayed for us and those who have stood with us financially as partners for so long.

Then language study, Melanesian Pidgin and then Kapau (as the Hamtai Language was called then). Then I married a wonderful girl, Corinne, who came the next year, and we raised a family here as we worked among the Hamtai people.

Our church planting team started translation of the New Testament into Hamtai in 1959, and Fitzgeralds completed it in 1975. Our final project has been the revision and republication of the New Testament. As most of you know, that was completed and the new books are now in Lae in the container they came across the sea in. They are waiting for the Gov. customs people to inspect the container contents and release them. This may take a week, or it may take a month. Please pray for a quick inspection and release of the books so they can be trucked up to the site of the dedication. We are also praying about a price to charge for them, which is agreeable to all.

Corinne and I have been sorting through our belongings, throwing away a lot, and deciding what items to sell or give away, and deciding what we really need to bring back to the U.S. when we return home for this final time. We are thankful for our daughter Judy who has been cooking for us so we can stick to the job. So good to have quality time with her. Jim was here for 4 days to help with moving heavy items, etc. and is now back in the village busy at translation. He will soon come get Judy and the few laying hens I will purchase for them in Lae on my return in a few days.

Special prayer request: Tomorrow, the 17th (PNG time) I will be travelling alone to Lae in our vehicle. I’ll pick up Malcolm our co-translator, and go on up to the Watut for a 2-day meeting with the church leaders. Please pray for safety in travel, freedom from holdups, a good meeting with the leaders.

Joyfully in His service,

Tom and Corinne